Fuel reserves ready next month


It could well be an end in sight to the feared fuel problems that have escalated with the raging civil war in Mozambique.

Malawi government says the country will start using the Lilongwe fuel strategic reserves early next month.

Government has been constructing fuel reserves in the three regions of the country in order for the country to be fuel sufficient.

Fuel shortages could be ending soon.

Chief Secretary to the office of the president and cabinet George Mkondiwa said the construction of the fuel strategic reserves is almost done.

“We are very excited that the construction of the fuel strategic reserves is almost complete and the Lilongwe strategic reserves are to start operating early next month,” said Mkondiwa.

He added that the country has had fuel problems but now the challenges will be over as the country’s fuel reserves will provide fuel for two months.

Mkondiwa added that as government they are working with companies which have been in operation for a long time like the Petroleum Importers Limited in order to ensure that operations are continuing.



  1. that’s good! we need fuel cover for a reasonable period of time. The importance of fuel in a country needs not be overemphasized.

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