Cheating Mutharika: Malawi leader dupes PAC

Peter Mutharika

They waited patiently for their resolutions to be looked at but Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has found out that expectation is the mother of all frustration.

The religious body has disclosed that Mutharika’s led government is pushing them away and denying them an audience for negotiations on matters affecting the general public.

According to PAC, government has been shunning to have a meet with the delegates of PAC as per agreed during May 16 meeting with the Malawi leader.

Peter Mutharika
Snubs PAC:Mutharika

PAC chairman Reverend Felix Chingota said government team has not being showing up for the talks to end challenges that have marred the country.

“The government is showing no commitment. The issues we presented to the President have huge bearing on ordinary Malawians but the government seems not to care much,” said Chingota.

He blamed the Mutharika administration for being ‘arrogant’ on matters affecting Malawians.

“We wanted to meet so that we deal with issues that are making Malawians suffer, but with the attitude of the government team, Malawians will continue to suffer,” added Chingota.

During a stakeholders meeting held in Blantyre in February, delegates outlined solutions to challenges faced by this country.

Government promised to have a gentleman’s talk in scrutinizing the solutions agreed during PAC meeting.



  1. Kumeneko nkupusa iye anayamba wadyapo mbewa ndi ziqaziwala kapena maudzu? A Malawi be serious chepesani umbuli osamangoombera mmanja zina zilizonse

    1. Ndie kupusako , President azikayima pa sonkhano pa maso pa dziko lonse mkumati muzidya mbewa ndi ma uzuu ndie iwe ukufuna anthu aziwombera manja zoputsazooooo

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