Another Pastor in for murdering daughter


It is not simply fast becoming a nation of murderers, it is also fast becoming a nation in which the murderers are the men of the cloth.

Police in the eastern region of Malawi, in Balaka district, are keeping in custody a 25 year old pastor for being suspected to have allegedly murdered his one year old step daughter.

Pastor-CollarConfirming the development was the Balaka district police public relations officer, Gerald Sumaili who identified the 25 year old suspect as Sigeme Petro from Chathala village in the area of Traditional Authority Mkala in the district.

Sumaili said the suspect did this in the just ending week at his residence in the district. He said on this day, both the mother of the deceased baby and the father who is in custody, were chatting in their house.

He added that later the mother got out of the house as she was trying to answer call of nature.

Upon getting back into the house, she found the daughter dead and the father at first refused to have murdered the girl but he failed to tell his wife what has happened to the daughter.

The mother later reported the matter to elders in the area who further interrogated the father and confessed to have murdered the daughter.

The pastor said he strangulated the daughter but he failed to give tangible reason why he did such a heinous act.

He was later reported to Balaka police who finally took him to the station where he is waiting for court hearing soon and will answer charges of murder.

The development comes barely days after police in Ntchisi district arrested another Pastor and a man for conspiring to kill his two relatives to help a maize mill business.



  1. koma nao amaio 1 yr mwana kumakhala ndi a step father anawatenga ali ndi mimba or what???? kuphesa mwana chifukwa chosaugwira mtima

  2. Mpingo ulionse uli ndi mapastor,ndipo mpingo ndiumene umaphunzitsa munthu kukhala mmbusa.Koma mmatsiku ano osiriza aliyense angoti akasuta chopichira ndikuona masomphenya ali ndine mmbusa.Mapeto ake ndi izi mbiri yachiKhrustu ikuonongeka.Boma limafunika liyambise unduna wamipingo kuti uzipereka chilorezo kwa azibusa choyambisira machurch.

  3. They are not pastors by God’s calling, even the bible says its not all who says Lord! Lord! shall enter His kingdom so we are not amazed at all

  4. Nkhani ndikupanda uzimu wa umunthu.umphawi sungamaphe nawo anzako.ufiti kusowa chikondi kwatikulira a Nyasaland.sitikondana nchifukwa tingophana

  5. It is not simply fast becoming a nation of murderers, it is also fast becoming a nation in which the murderers are the men of the cloth. What do you want to reveal here???

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