Mzuzu residents keep your daughters away: Rapist Kanene is coming!

General Kanene

Mzuzu residents have been warned to keep their daughters away as rapist General Kanene will visit the city next month.

General Kanene
General Kanene: coming to Malawi

Malawians made the warning on social media soon after Skeffa Chimoto posted on his Facebook page that the Zambian musician Clifford Dimba popularly known as General Kanene is coming to Malawi.

Skeffa said he will share the stage with the rapist when they will hold three shows in the Northern region. The two will perform at Mzuzu Hotel on 1st July, Planet Entertainment in Karonga on 2nd July, and Mzuzu Tourist Lodge on 3rd July this year.

Kanene’s visit to Malawi has sparked debate among people in the country as some have warned those in the Northern region to keep their eyes open as the rapist may sexually abuse their daughters.

Kanene was in 2014 convicted and sentenced to 18 years in prison after he raped a minor.

He was later pardoned by Zambian President Edgar Lungu after serving one year of his 18 year jail term.



  1. Ndakhumudwa kwambiri, by caling sum 1 a rapest. Tangonganiza kuti ndiweyo being insot in such way as u did to him, ungave bwaaa? Kumanganiza kawili, katatu ndibwino..

  2. Kanene is not a rapist
    He was convicted for having an affair with a girl of under 18
    So you 24s you are not worth to bear a national name
    Because of your primitive and natnariv behaviour

  3. Mmmmh koma choncho sibwino wat the fuck is this? Why do u want to spoil this mans business grow up pls guys even if he did he paid for it who knows may be he learnt his a lesson. So let him be plsssss

  4. These people are not professionals..ask skeffa chimoto on this number 0999 647 938..He will tell the real line up of artists on the poster. there is magigi, chimz kelly and skeffa NO kanene on the line up..mutichitisa manyazi a media fe mxiew

  5. what a stupid post! Who are your editors please? Aaaaah ndizochititsa manyazi izi nsaname. Don’t post things anyhow mutionongera mbiri yathu yabwino.

  6. General kanene walakwa chani kodi kukhala tidzingokhalira kuyipisilana mbili?kukhala satero kanene timpatse ulemu,Nayeso ndi muthu ngatiife tomwe bcoz ndizowawa kuyipitsilana mbili.

  7. I don’t think its a malawian who posted this …. iam a malawian and I’m very sorry for the insult …. better him his a rapist but the one who posted this I’m sure his an albino killers bcz it has showed his a very stupid pig

  8. The biggest stupidness you ever published is this. I think you are all drunkards fools ngati sukumufuna osangokhala bwanji amalawi tikhale ndi ulemu uja wakale please!!!!!!!!!

  9. Welcome to MLW GENERAL KANENE & leave more of ur latest albums here. In ur schedule, remember also BLANTYRE. Never mind these simple minded so called journalists!

  10. Ife ma Zambians timakunyadirani kwambiri poti timadziwa kuti ndinu abale athu, ndipo maganizo a misampha mwaife mulibe, koma mukatitenga ngati anthu opanda nzeru ndiye kuti mukupempha kutsenza mphika wakupsya pa mutu panu..

  11. kuyambira bwana wawo,atolankhani ndingoti onse ogwira ntchito kumeneku ndizitsiru,mbuzi,agalu,anyani to the maximum.zidebe zobooka zopanda nzeru olo pang’ono

  12. As a Zambians we feel insulted Malawi 24 need to apologize. We have a lot of Malawians who stay and keep them as brothers and if can call us name? Do you want us to take a revenge on your citizens as they enter through mchinji boda every day?we know, we see them,

  13. A Malawi Dzukani,osangoti zakunja, munvetse mbiri yake General Kaneneyo then put up your comment. Cool and smart. Other wise muzaombela mfiti mmanja.

  14. Bwetete wamanu nonse aku malawi 24 ndiye zikugwilizana bwanji ndikuzapanga visit mzuzu ndisete zanu zimene mukuyankhula kukhuta eti

  15. ngati mulibe volemba z better mukope ng’ombe vimenyana na nkhumba pama blank pages kuchila kuti mzikamba G kanene sowonse wewalinamamimba ni kanene anawapasa dont b hearing fals romous about kanene he z a gud guy

  16. Malawi 24 where do you get your reporters? ?
    Are they professionals and know their
    This is disgusting guys otherwise we readers are losing trust in the way you present your news!
    Totally out of code of conduct! Do have evidence ?
    Yoh shame on u

  17. Ya its now time to #unlike malawi24 because of #stupid page ena ngati malawi voice,malawi independence,ndidzaulula +ena ambiri ndidathana nawo kale.lero ndi tsiku lako malawi24.tidzaonana,byeeeeee!!!!!

  18. Malawi24,pliz stupid becoz u are out of business,apologise to the public of Malawi,I will nvr say to Zambians fans,nina bafana base zambia do nt say u feeding Malawians bt Peter family plz,nawe matyanda ghako,u strungle 20yrs nw u forgot

  19. Manje chizungu muziwa kulemba koma m’mutu nzeru mulibe sure,why muchita ngati kuti mphamvu zamene asewezera anapeleka niwamalume wanu? nizake mphamvu! sizamu familynso ya amayi anu, araa! apa amalawi taziwa kuti inu a24 muli Dead minded sure.Aaa! Chake Dis Out!!

  20. May someone have mercy on your …. soul, let’s emulate love among us to shame bad spirits.. leave negativity and concentrate on good one did.. proudly Zambiain in gods image we are all one..different colour one people.

  21. Machimo ali mma grade osiyana. Osamanena anzanu ngati kuti inu simudachimwepo. ZANU mwapanila…munene za Kanene…isaaaaaa!!!!!!Mxxxxxxxx
    Tiueni tipasane ulemu.

  22. Sanje poti kanene akupita ku mzuzu nanga bwanji osalemba zoti a Dpp akumampha ma albinos mbuzi za anthu inu ziwanthu zopusa ngati cabbage

  23. kodi ku page ili timalembako nkhanizi nditi ana kapena akuluakulu ngati ndi akulu akulu nde nawoso ayi2 sakuziwa zoti angamalembe mwina ndi kwama jokes?

  24. Stupid page, timanena ife kuti Malawi 24 ndi kagulu ka anthu openga, ozungulira mitu nanga tawonani zomwe akulembazi..shame on you.

  25. This is embarrassing, i never thought this page can do this, you have disgraced our nation. I wonder if you are really a Malawian.
    Forgive him please our neighbour,

  26. nosense,i thought ur educated enough to not destroy other people’s private lives, if we dig you up you might even have more crimes than what he did you morons calling yourselves malawi24,if his country’s court set him free,what rights do u have to destroy his image like that,find interesting news to write not this nosense,useless!!!!!!.

  27. Bad & stupid kind of journalism, learn to report responsibly. I’ll ask Clifford’s lawyers to take legal action against u Malawi 24

  28. Hahaha.Abale,kodi Amapanga Choncho?Kkk.Tisaipise Mbiri Yabwino Yochuka Kuti Warm Heart Of Africa!Kanene !Welcome To Your Home Away From Home!We Are A Hospitable Nation.

  29. Hahaha.Abale,kodi Amapanga Choncho?Kkk.Tisaipise Mbiri Yabwino Yochuka Kuti Warm Heart Of Africa!Kanene !Welcome To Your Home Away From Home!We Are A Hospitable Nation.

  30. I do regret likin this page. I believe this journalist is a chewa tribe, ur notority is jst de same as that ov a goat. pliz write smthing dat can give sense. stupid m24 with stupid journalist. have u seen zodiac saying nonsense like this?

  31. Where Is Ambulance??? Iwant To Tek Our Admin To Zomba Mental Hospital Bcoz Wat U Hve Written Is Totally Insane!!,,, Makes Me To Call U “Asshole”!!

  32. This is bulshit M24 you have just proved that you are that kind of people who likes when others are in fools and nothing but fools.Everybody makes mistakes and they don’t pretend tobe good but try to figure out how they can restart new life as a changed people. get life guys and grow up. if you don’t know ur work I ll give u some tips. MIND UR OWN BUSINESS

  33. He who has no Sin must be the first to cast the Stone. If U are really serious about ur Warning I guess U warn the Immigration Department not to allow Him inside the Country. If they allow Him then He is a Freeman. And I trust all the daughters and girls U are warning about are all virgins.

  34. Thz same gals u re warning to stay away frm Kanene wil be throwing themselves & flocking at him lyk bees to scented flowers…….U can’t bit gals with fame guys

  35. General Kanene was convicted and charged in a court of law and condemned to 18 years behind bars. After serving his sentence for 1 year he was pardoned by the highest authority in Zambia, H. E. Edgar Lungu, the president. Some of the reasons leading to that pardoning are good behaviour and remorsefullness.

    It is therefore disgusting for Malawi24 to insinuate that General Kanene is coming to Malawi to rape our daughters. It is total disregard of respect and dignity to continuosly call Kanene a rapist when you don’t even know the truth behind his incarcelation. Reading between the lines of Skeffa Chimoto’s facebook it is clear that Kanene is a musician of high repute and is coming to Malawi to entertain and not otherwise.

    Malawi24 should have been the first to desist from mudslinging. By doing what they have done Malawi24 has dented its own image as a source of information that can be relied upon. The most noble thing they can do is to offer unconditional apology to Kanene through the same channel.

    Altermatively the author of this blasphemous article should be traced and be sued for character assassination so to send a message that mediocre reporting has no room in morden Malawi.

  36. 1 out of 18 years!!!!!? Am sure there wasn’t enough evidence to his conviction and he was rather just a suspect. This is not worthy a news

  37. All we are bound to wake mistakes. but why dwelling in the past? thou shall not judge. he is a different person. he diddnt even rape. it was just a trap. you dont have stories to post? are you angeles? are you jealousy?

  38. If he is a rapist then people should be told but not by saying he is coming to rape them….. Why was he pardoned? If he is a rapist then he should not be performing but people will still follow him and if he was wrongfully accused he needs public apology from malawi24

  39. Mwayamba kupusa manje, nanga imwe mumapha azanu na ati mwayamba kuyenda mbulanda si kupusa konse uku uchisulu vabwera mochedwa ivi vinthu musiyeni abwele tione ngati azagwirilira kamwama kanu.

  40. Evean if kanene rape he rape on his wil, there iz northing to do with u,,by the way he is coming to make money in ur coutry while u r busy gosip about him u ideot

  41. Stupid media practitioner,am a Malawian but this is very bad!Why can’t just mind your business.You are very stupid and you should apologise to the General.

  42. Malawi 24 panya panu ziphwisi za abambo ndi amanu! !!!!! Mwandikwana khala ngati inu muli oyera opanda banga? ???

  43. kikikikik malawians will never seize to amaze us, the backwardness and primitivity is still rife even upto the level of a journalist, i thought by now you should be able to diffrentiate between rape case and child defilement, for your information the person did not go to jail for rape but sleeping with an under age girl, kupusa naku pwalala ndiye kwanu ambuzi imwe

  44. kodi who owns Malawi24????…i’ll keep on urging the whole M24 to go bak to xul coz M24 has alot of characteristics of ignorance!!!!…journalism yanu a M24 munaphuzira kuzaire eti??..atolankhani anzanu ozindikira sapanga za usarvage mumapangazo!!..

  45. Realy guys,trying 2 tarnish General Kanenes image,did he rape ur daughter or ur sister,live da guy alone,u cnt evn prove da accusation,rubish

  46. Matter of fact malawians are not is this clarpy media publishin lame facts. watch ur dirty mounths before u typ in ur comments.and u stupid journalist how many time do we have to tell u about publishin dirty bull shit stories

  47. Mpnews24 you must go to hell! If it’s jealousy then you’re a son of Satan, there’s no other way to introduce him nicely?? Do u understand that u can land in jail with such kind of insult? His case is over and he’s not a rapist!!!! You better go to hell

  48. Ka Imwe Wa Malawi 24 Mitiyinu Yikwenda Makola Pamalo Yanyake Ngati??????.Nthenvakuti Mungalembanga Ivi????.Muri Vabweka Bweka Chomene Sono.No Sense.

  49. Malaw24 tazipangani Zau proffessional nde zichan zimenezi umbuli bwanji Kumangolemba #zopusa bax #zitsiru zosazindikira #agalu muuzane ngat mwatopa tsekan #nyasi zanuzo #stupit!

  50. shame on you, u call ur self malawi24 but ur the 1 ukuyipitsa mbili ya amalawi kumaiko ena mukakhala mukusowa zolemba muzitenga manjawo nkumaseweletsa akatunduwo ok

  51. That’s not good @ all, General Kanene ndi munthu ngati inu and mutati mufufuze bwino mupeza kuti nkhani yogwirirayo anangosema,tsikanayo anali wamkulu ndithu koma kamba kakuti ndi wotchuka anafuna kumuyipitsira mbiri,nsanje ndi yoyipa zedi khalani ndi ulemu,anananuwo akutenga pakati ali ndi 14/15 years onsewo anapanga izo ndi General kanene? Kusowa zolemba

  52. mind ur own business&munsiye Kanene out of ur stupid stories,,,,,,,poti zanu zabisika nde muzikamba zaanzanu???????ngati ana anuwo ali mahule amaphweka okha!!!!osati muzilemba zoipa zamunthu wina ayi,,,,,,,,,,u idiots,,,,,Kanene uyo walemela kale inu ndimiseche yanuyo muzingosaukabe

  53. Zot kanene anagwilila ndizopanda umboni, takambani zinthu zamzelu apa zoti zikuthandizeni osati zomangolimbana ndianthu oti zawo zinayela kale


    1. Did this man rape someone and go to jail for rape? Why was he pardoned? If he did commit rape I bet you never thought he would do that so if he can rape once surely he can do it again…… But like many wrongfully accused people in Africa maybe he is innocent the is no harm in alerting people of what he went to jail for. Maybe his music is good but if he did rape someone no matter how good the music is surely you can’t still love him if so does that me your ok with people rapping others?

  55. Walemba post -yi.Pofunika kumpatsa #MBUZI.Ndati ameneyuyu mbuzi.Eee! Walandira mbuzi bcoz of his poor headline.Ndati mbuziii!!!!!!

  56. You guys are beyond stupid, I don’t knw hw we can call that, focus on your own business, leave the guy alone,,,, jealous, leave it to the zambians, who are u to judge people, idiots

  57. Za ziiii don’t black mail him and telling people false information to he’ll with your artical bodza linakulowani osalemnba za nzeru bwanji

  58. U are foolish is this how u insults our musicians? ? We welcome you people here nicely and have u forgotten that even maize u are getting here in Zambia??? Mwapya ba swine

    1. If a man who rapped a child or woman from Malawi was coming to make money in Zambia would you not want for fellow Zambians to know just to be safe?

    2. Guys guys watch your tongue. manje mulankhula monyoza yawa abale athu aku Zambia, kumene kuli kupusa. zoonadi inu amalawi mulibe nzeru, zoona mungamasekelere zomwe alemba wa malawi24 ndithu, can’t u see this is no sense?? wanthu wenawa ndi ma imbwa (injaa)

    3. Iam a malawian please our zambian friends forgive and forger the page for posting such a stupid headline iam 100% sure they are just jealousy of him bcoz he has a talent that the man posted this will not have not evn in his next generation…forgive.

    4. Enock Banda filekefye fo icons nyasaland fipuwa echo fyachulila, nachi president chabo ngachilelanda kwati tachakwata ameno kikkkkk Malawi 24 shameon you

    5. Mind you,you zambians ,you are the ones who turnished the image of Kaneni by speculating and arresting of him that he has defiled and today you are blaming the Malawians.who is to blame?

  59. Therez no virgin in martenity ward, no innocent in jail,,, same as u admn of this page you are wicked,,, ulibe namzeru ndiwe chipuba,,nyandulee ubweza dziko pansi

  60. Malawians, you can really be very bad… Now I believe…. I think i will go flat out telling our Zambia artists to avoid Malawi as time goes. Lets see. Umfwiti mwauyu

  61. Nanunso ama news mukasowa zolemba kuli bwino muzingokhala chete… Mpaseni ulemu munthu wankulu general kanene… Sure iwe chocolate size 10 angakwane mu size one?

  62. pofuna kuipisa mbili yanga a malawi 24 alemba koma nikafuna kutchuka nitchuka nekha ala shatapu !! wajeno niwajeno ! akuti akanene niwarepist shatapu ! ife niwajeno tizaimba tinyimbo pamalawi kaya tizaona ka size 1 tizabaya ife niwajeno tifuna malawi muzaleko zaife wajeno

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