Mtawali fired

Ernest Mtawali

After messing up the Malawi AFCON dreams and failing to even retain the plate that Malawi managed to get at the COSAFA, flames coach Ernest Mtawali has been shown the exit door and he will be replaced by his assistant, Nswazirumo Ramadhan.

His firing, however, awaits the approval of the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Executive Committee which meets today.

According to media reports, a FAM technical sub-committee which met in Blantyre observed that Mtawali has failed as a head coach and should be relieved of his duties so that his assistant can take over from him.

Ernest Mtawali
Mtawali: Heading out!

Among the issues that have made Mtawali be recommended for a firing is his inconsistency in play styles and the failure to lead the technical panel of the team which has become a punch bag of African football.

Mtawali was appointed on 1 August 2015 for a one year contract to be the Malawi Coach.

He took over from Young Chimodzi who was sacked in June, 2015, following the Flames’ 2-1 home loss to Zimbabwe in a 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

Mtawali had been charged with putting the Flames’ 2017 Africa Cup of Nations Cup qualifiers campaign back on track and ensuring progress in the preliminary round qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He failed to do both.



  1. Firing acoach does not mean solving problem.There should be anew national team made which can make our nation satisfied.The board should advise the coach to build new team .It’s not only mtawali who made the team to loose ,but every one in the board. Agalu inu!!.

  2. In general,there’s no football in malawi even if the suggested man to replace mtawali the samething will happen loosing.Leave Erenest mtawali for awhile.He saw how the team played and he can recollect problems better than the suggested man.

  3. Changing a coach is not a solution,but remove all player adding those who are playing in south Africa in first division,yet they came to Malawi as profes,shit national team of Malawi.blood fokolo

  4. Zoona munthu akuti ndi profe wachokera Ku sauth Africa,kom a koma akumenya first division,kumalawi akudzamenya national team,zachison.just make anew team,not those silt players

  5. leo mpulula deserve the coaching job for flames… flames ikufunika coach ovuta oti ma player azimuopa otherwise ma player aflames samamva

  6. Malawians! When shall we learn to honour of bonafide sons? Mtawali was not the problem but rather the assistant wanted his seat. If he is being fired on underperformance ground, then let the assistant go too bcoz they worked together unless otherwise.

  7. Mukanayambira kumphika kuthothola onse…then lastly kumachotsa coach….coach ndi wakutha and this guy had a vision ….for the flames….he only needed abit of time….so you think hiring an international coach will make malawi best….read through my palms……gaga ndi gaga…..!!

  8. If the news that the national team coach has been fired is true then we’re in a sorry football situation because the problems are multiple. 1. FAM is wholly to blame for the mess for not providing adequate resources for preparations suffice to say that he was given resources to travel to observe the so called professionals in SA and Mazambiki, some of who for other reasons unsuitable to the coach were of no need. 2. Players too are to blame for not showing commitment to their loved job and the country because the coach prepared them and so too their respective clubs but failed to execute and show why they were selected out of many million malawians, as if that is not enough the professionals just cried to be included but their play left a lot to be desired. 3. The coach has been inconsistent in his player selection let alone his game plan and tactics because he was just doing trial and error basis. I only loved his spirit of giving youngsters game time as a process of development and nurturing the talent. 4. Government failed to support the team adequately in its preparation yet expected positive results. 5. The media shares the blame for contributing to the team’s failure because once a player does well in one or two games they pump him up and recommend him for selection if left they are in the forefront accusing the coach so the working relationship amongst all stakeholders was compromised. To say the coach was sorilly to blame is un called for but Fam, govt and the rest should take the blame.

  9. FAM isamangothamangira kuchotsa Coach zinthu zikakhala kuti sizikuyenda bwino, To say the truth here FLAMES idzalongosoka MA UFUMU aku FAM akadzathetsedwa not kusintha coach kapena ma players athu, ngati ngati MA UFUMU aku FAM sangathetsedwe nde ndibwino kuti team yathu ya FLAMES ithetsedwe and ikhale isakuponyanawo mipikisano yosa kwadzaka dzosachepera KHUMI mwina nkudzapumako umoyo wina.

  10. mpira pa Malawi suzatheka ngati. ma players angosankhidwa mma team. awiri okha

  11. Komatu flames or ataikocha Josy morinho singawine .chotsani all the player build new team with new blood musapezeke or mmodzi wakale.

  12. Kachasu udadzadza mumatupi mwao mpira sangauthe adagonja kalekale ngati mukuchotsa mtawali maplayers omwe anapita nao achokenso

  13. what about the players r you going to fire them too bcoz there r the ones who knw to play well but not to score fire them too tiyambirenso kachikena

  14. My q is, who are thiz guys responsibe for hiring n firing…..they need to be fired too , the adminstration z too old, we need change of idealogies,altitude..same leadership never bring any upward movement.the system z too political,the whole system z rubish n corruptive….flames sizamva!

  15. The team was in good shape in the time when Kinah Phiri was in charge I didn’t understand in the first place when you appointed these failures now you just wasting time by not appointing the right coach.

  16. Not suprised at all.hiring Mtawali was a wrong choice already.Kinnah must come back.not that Burundian.or else let hire expatriate.

  17. The best way to show that we are fade up of this team,the so called flames is to undergo boycotts.
    Whenever they are playing we shouldn’t be supporting….otherwise they won’t know how it’s become so boring!!!!!

  18. i dnt think this can make sense coz tayesa ma player osiyana-siyana & tasitha makochi osiya-siyana!!!!! Why not fam president ?

  19. coach kugwira chaka chimozi chokha basi mkuti waphera azipita, inu amati aNyamilandu mwalephera kuongorera za zamasewero kwazaka zingati? Kapena nanu mkufuna tikakuyendereni mbulanda pa street ndipamene mngaziwe kuti mwatikwana? Mnatikwana mbuyache mzinka!

  20. FAM is naive and stupid. How the hell do u retain an assistant of the sacked coach as the head? its insane and unprofesssional. We have tried that before and it did not work, why then try it today? Mr Mutawali was destined for failure from the first day he took head of the nation. He never looked set and convincing on the touch line. I have a feeling that our team will never improve if these administration continue making the wrong decisions

  21. FAM is naive and stupid. How the hell do u retain an assistant of the sacked coach as the head? its insane and unprofesssional. We have tried that before and it did not work, why then try it today? Mr Mutawali was destined for failure from the first day he tok

  22. Good decisions but stupid ideas 4 the FAM 4 months do you think coach can combine with the playerz give them chance and enough khobili for their preparation

  23. The problem is the players not coaches imagine how many coaches have been fired but all of them were using same players so where is the problem guys to be honest?players are letting the coaches down and to tell the truth flames has no quality players & even if you hired a coach from the moon it won’t help

  24. A very big mistake soccer officials has done is firing Coach, Mtawali has no problem He is agood coach even comparing to Kinna and Ramadhan. Give him another chance please, building a team is not a 2day job, it requires enough time and patience from angry employers. To say the truth Nyamirandu is beside Flames poor perfomance, and if you would talk of firing somebody on isue of Malawis poor perfomance Nyamirandu is the right person. FIRE WALTER NOT MTAWALI.

  25. Different coach same players!!! Hahaha if u want to make a change fire the players too. Tili ndi ana mmidzimu odziwa mpira. Come en take a look ku Ndirande

  26. Different coach same players!!! Hahaha if u want to make a change fire the players too. Tili ndi ana mmidzimu odziwa mpira. Come en take a look ku Ndirande

  27. If mtawali is to be fired..then the whole technical panel at flames shud exit az well..starting with the big fish nyamilandu asaaaaa

  28. Firing mtawali will not change anything as long as players remain the same, and bring in young players will not work either, what needed is to open more football acadamies, and giving chance to those fruits from acadamies to show case in stages like having under 17, 20, 23 national teams so that we may have a brave & confident senior nation team. That is what our fellow countries are doing.

  29. Tikangofusa fee yosiyira kusewera mpira ngati dziko.Zatikanika ngakhale achina Nyamilandu ndi azinzake atabwereranso m ground palibe chingachitike.Mma stadium tizingopangiramo misonkhano ya ndale ndi ndakatulo

  30. Problem ndi FAM, ntchito yawo sikuoneka, vuto mukubwereza anthu oti alephera udindo omwewu mbuyomu, there is need for new blood, tisapange ndale mu mpira pobisala kuseli kwa Coach, NO

  31. Kikiki kwa u cant fire a driver because u want him to drive 180km/hr while the car speed limit is 120km/hr. The problem is players. If a child failed they are two reasons. The child dont listen in class or he mix love and education. Our player for the flames are not good enough matama too much. We need young and competitive players, not new coach.

  32. ine Malawian football inandikwana kalekale moti njira yabwino kunafunika kungolimbikitsa kutsegula makoleji ophunzitsa ufiti komanso uhule

  33. not suprised, its not completely coach problems that we don’t excel in football… it cud be administrative issues just like how other organisation don’t succeed.

  34. Kkkkkkkkkkkk amayamba ku kuseka ndi ana ako,kkkkkkk adad mmesa munkati ndinu dolo wa plumbering ndiye apo pa blocker koma mukulephela ku bowola kkkkk a dad ndinu bush plumber

  35. Which one should be blammed? A coatch or players? Spend a time, there is someone anafinya korona kuti flames idxiluxa.

  36. I think it’s normal to fire coaches who is not doing good job even in well-reputed teams like Spain. Who is Mtawali after all? He needs to follow suit

  37. Ku FAM water Nyamilandu achoke. Vuto si ma coach ayi. Leadership ku Fam ndi ya usiru.Chotsani Nyamilandu wagwira ntchito yake tiyese ena. Ma coach onsewa angakhale olephera?

  38. Yes you fired Mtawali, but the new coach to be with the same players?????? expect no change.Ma professional a pa Mozambique mmm even panopa a Malawi akulephera panopa kupita ku south Africa pano ku Mozambique baasi, yet we play same football

  39. nothing can change even to enter Rhamadan as a coach just Ntawali to continue building our team kunali kungomuuza zochita coz palibe chisithe mapuleya ndiomwe aja ndie chisithe ndichani

  40. I don’t think kuti dis is a right decision. Coz things is not gonna change when u put dis dude to b a coach. What u must do is,,get de weak areas where Mtawali failed to pull up socks en discuss as a board, rather dan 2 fire him

  41. Firing the coaches is nt a solution, like here n Zambia are changing coaches like shirts bt were is football 2dy.First give the good money 2 the players

  42. Malawi Government must stop for a while sending their football team to participate in any competition,it looks like their players have no ambition of fighting for their Nation, the squad they send to cosafa was good enough to play even against the likes of Bokina Faso, Nigeria Cameroon or Mali but they ended up embarrassing their fans by loosing to a lower Ranked team Lesotho hahahahahahaha shame on you Guys who doesn’t learn anything every year.

  43. Koma mpila waku Malawi ndioseketsa kwambili mudakakhulupi lilabe kuti bvuto ndi coach kkkkk wake up FAM amene mwasankhayunso chaka chisanathe achotsedwa for sure

  44. Anyamilandu ndiwofunika nawonxo acoke,kt zinthu zilongosoke ku fam.apo bii tizikhumudwabe mpaka kalekale.flames sizamva.

  45. Ndiye zopusa zimenezo,mphunzitsi mkalasi akamaphunzitsa mwanayo akalephera ndi vuto la mwanayo nt mphunzitsi.anyamata athuwa ofunika kuwafunsa bwino vuto lawo,mwina chilipo kumpandoko chomwe chimawalepheratsa nt Mtawali.

  46. The problem is not coaches in Malawi but governing system & politics are paralyzing football management & other important institutions.

  47. Good news, but government also don’t think because we can’t play friendly games with the division clubs like Mombera,Mafco and other smallest clubs. Do you think in so doing National Team can improve?

  48. Fire the whole the whole governing body and start again with new faces, this will change nothing even if you can hire Fergie, Morinyo, Wenger koma ma bwana ake ali omwewo, Ramadhan naye pompano amuonetsa msana wanjira.

    1. All flames team must be fired.Soni zikunikola to be Malawian every time they play.Nadi behind in everything?Wati we are only good at witchcraft and making children, aaaa! Bra Eno.

  49. Lawrence Majawa mumuyitane mukamasankha anyamata a tsopano a team ya mpira ya Malawi apo bii muzingokhalira kukira nthawi zonse,75% ya osewera mpira onse muwachotse komanso Nyamulandu atule pansi udindo mwa ulemu everything wil b ok.

  50. Hire the international coach there is nothing difference,Fam ha tried to give locally coaches but they all putting the team down,white guy must come and they have so many good advantages,

  51. simple algebra! if flames is dominated by bullets players and continue losing, karonga united beats bullets. Therefore karonga is better than a good portion of flames squad. lets try karonga united players in the flames squad!

  52. Amtawali tiyeni tizipita kuthembisa tizikadya volosal osati zampira wa kumalawi waphuphuphu kwaloza phazi ndikomwekozi.

  53. I heard some rumours that Nyamilandu sacrifice his wife to be a FAM president 4ever and if one will take over his position will never stay longer, and this rumours I think its true story because people are a afraid to step down him, he known to be a satanic

  54. Ma coach sasewera mpira. Ngakhale atakocha bwino bwanji koma ngati player ndimbola sangagoletse. Apa vuto laoneka kuti ndi ma player. How many coaches have u changed? Whts the improvement? Change players now and see the results. U dnt hw it feels when a new player has bn signed and he wants 2 impress the country and his couch in order not 2 lose his position 2 some1. These old ones they are more relaxed and they knw tht even if they play shit still they own the position and will still be featured in the next game. Try the new ones, the hungry ones 2 impress. CRY my beloved country, NYASALAND!

  55. Kuchosa ma coach uka hisa aka siyanasiyana aku solve problem, cos apa ndi kumbuka #Kinah Phiri, he iz d best suitable 4 dat post, n remember dat u cn’t climb a tree starting 4rm d branches lyk a bird. FAM shud withdrew from internatinal futball mayb for a period of 5 years, to rebuild their football starting 4rm their internal league, u cnt compete with other countries whil’st u knw dat u r still weak at home.

  56. Should we “the monday coaches”say that FAM is failing to find the root cause of flame’s poor performance or just find pleasure in the hiring and firing of our comrades. If there couldn’t be interference in selection of players, things can turn around. Mark my words.

  57. Coach salowa mu ground ! fire all current national team players and let’s us start from ground level, let’s not participate in any competition for atleast 3 years.

  58. To be acoach is just like a minister they can fire u any minute better to be self employed cause the world knows that u are fired kkkk

  59. When will be the players fired?? Does it mean we don’t have best players out there *? when a student fails, Who has a problem btwn a teacher and this dull student?? The teacher tries to give his best to the student but the problem may be this student. ndangothamangapo zampila sikwenikweni…vuuuuu!

  60. i lykd his system of play…but our players were lacking flexibility to cop with the style…only kamwendo,gaba and a right back from b4ward…were able to play…but the rest mmmh…ena amachita kulephera ndi ma control omwe…nowadays ma striker a ma shot with no accuracy are useless…

  61. We wil stil be changing coaches but it wil b say de truth we have to start 4rm the club level playing well..other teams are winning coz ov poor refereeing hw can u expect that to produce good national and mentality winning team???…unless otherwise…watch the past flames u can tell dat we r indeed very far any formula dat they hav to b wel known 4…am gettng sick and tired ov this national team…hire me as acoach then….they just waste govt monies thoz idiots…better thoz monies should hav given to the poor… Martin Chikocho

  62. That is a very bad decision, and if anything you should have fired the whole panel. Parliament please give Zero Tambala for FAM they want to kill our beautiful game of soccer.

  63. The problem is poverty.No resources for FAM to identify players countrywide.No finance for development of football from the grassroot.Companies so stingy-reluctance to support football.All these lead us to where we are.We all have a role to play to make a good national team one day.

  64. ine zampira sindimazisata koma ndikakumbuka bhobho ntawari amkamenyanso flames m’buyomu, koma ma results ake anali omwewa omamgoluzawa kapena draw zikakhala kut tayesesa, ndekwasinthidwa ma coach osiyana siyana hoping things will change but still the same results. now you are planning to bring another dude on board. believe me this ain’t gonna change anything. there is no football in Malawi, just quit understand the situation.

    1. Thats true… Tinayambira kusitha munja tapindulapo chani? Soccer not our sport coz or kuma club kungoseweredwa phale zokha zokha mpira sukoma kwathu kuno ata .

  65. OK fine but it won’t be work am not satisfied again with yr replacement he was there didn’t he seeing these problems again ?

  66. Suggested new FAM caretaker after the current is fired today sic oclock evening

    President _charles nyirenda( grandmaster)

    Ceo_ humphrey mvula

    Gs_ peterkins kayira

    Physical fitness traineer_ mike kumanga

    Advisers ; chief kaomba
    Mattews chikaonda
    Young chimodzi
    Peter mponda
    Other positions not necessary as of now

  67. My foot! U’ve missed the point again.It’s not the question of sacking the coach but rather going to the basics of football.Myopic adminstration.

  68. I know nothing about Malawi football but as far as um concerned th former coach kinah Phiri gues h was best…nd for how long will u keep on firing th coaches

  69. hash decision, let him build a team, you can not monitor a person without giving him/her resources

  70. Mpila PA Malawi unalowa ndale. Mtawali kusankha timu ena kumusankhilanso timu yawo kumbali .aaaaa sitingapite patsogolo ndimaganizo opunsa.

  71. Achita bwino kumuchonsa wa fodya ameneyu, iye akhale coech odziwa komanso wadongonsolo akanatha kusankha ma player oti iyeyo awayambe yekha pa nation leval koma bansi chamba bansi? Apite sitikumufunanso.

  72. Mistake firing him
    What about nyamilandu and his company? He should also throw the towel now. He too contributed the fall of soccer aswell

  73. Vutotu ndi kusakhala ndi mafriendly gasmes , muwina musana konze mavuto, uyoso ndiye chisimu palibe chachitikapo, team inali bwino koma chimafunikapo ndi mafriendly ndi kuwonjezelapo akale monga mponda ndi anzake

  74. and that thing of firing the coach and employing the assistant coach, its like the other one was campaign for his fall…. if u sack a coach make sure tge assistant goes as well.

  75. Kinnah Mpiri is e best among all…n is e only coach who can bring success …..belive me n gv him more tym..

  76. Inensoo ndlipoo ndkhale courch ndyese mwayi mey b i cn b succesful wth vc team coz it seamz lyk mwangoyamb ku guess amene angakoch

  77. FAM excective must resign,,,, Nyamilandu must go,,,, he has failed completely,,, bungwe losamva ngati ili,,,,mukungodya makobidi aurere!!!!!!!

  78. None will do a job needed for that team. Blaming a coach will never solve a problem. We don’t have anything to give our players. Players walking from Ndilande to chichiri stadium for training? Make sense please our football administraters.

  79. fam is 2blame nt firing coach,dd u expect flames 2perform miracles while z failed 2give Money 4friendly game?failling 2prepare is preparing 2fail,evn next coach ‘ll b fired

  80. How many coaches is FAM going to fire?I should advise the Malawi’s football governing body to stop or depend on hiring local coaches because of their cheapness.Instead FAM should hire a coach from overseas who can bring change in our national team.

  81. koma nde titha ma coach2…eversince we started losn we hav owez bn blamin on coaches en later firin em…tx time we look on other measures rather a coach !

  82. The Problem Lies Not To The Coach But The Executive Of FAM,how Can A Team Perform Wonders With The Absence Of Resources,where R Under 20 Teams That Will Asist To Boost Up The Flames In The Future,if U Cant Promote Footbal At Grasroot Level Then Forget About Succes As Far As Football Is Concerned,u R Firing Only The Coaches Why Not FAM As Whole

  83. We have hired & fired coaches but nothing is changing. Are all those coaches bad? There is one more area which is being overlooked……….Walter & his team.

  84. z problems wf flames is from poor grassroots soccer,lack of malawian local clubs taking part in CAF games,poor administration in soccer,if w dnt ammend zs 4get abt flames gud performance

    1. Ndugwirizana nawe kwa nthunthu kuti tiyambe kaye wachotsa WATER NYAMILANDU nkumatsika m’musimuno hope zinthu zitha kuyamba kuyendaso ngati kale, koma tikangosintha coach ndi mapuleya kumtundaku nkuntundaku nkukusiya momwe kulilimo FLAMES singakozeke,

  85. vuto la amalawi simumadziwa ukadaulo osakha ma coach,vuto a FAM akungofuna kutibela ndalama zathu akazachoka H2O nyamilandu belive me mpira tizayamba kuuva kukoma.foolish FAM

  86. Olo mutasintha ma coach mukuona ngati flames itani ma player athu akatumba anawuma kalekale ndi bonya palibe chochitika apa.

    1. Nkhani ndiyokuti munthu sungamalimbane ndi bonya chambo ukuchiona, vuto ndi ndalama. Give them enough sponsorship and then start accusing them

    2. Akulu apapa vuto si coach vuto ndi naplayerwo akalamba kkkkkk misempha inauma tatengakoni maplayer anyuwani mwina tingaone kusintha zikutichititsa manyazi

  87. Kkkkkkk you will be firing coaches but you will never get good results from flames,lets just understand that we malawians football is not our side.

  88. Mtawali is a victim of circumstances, a scapegoat by our football administrators who are the big time failures. The Flames’ problems are beyond any coach’s ability rather on administration and decision making as well.

  89. what a bunch of fools !!!! you keep firing the coaches as if they are the problem here.. wake up and see fire all the flames players and look for other new players we are tired of this team.. organisations and companies are just wasting their money for this silly players .. you make people angry and to be honest we love the flames but you keep disappointing the malawi nation . What a shame to the FAM … we need real football not this awkward behaviour of firing the coaches ,,,,

    1. tayaluka mokwanira… we need change, we don’t have to be losers all the time; why can’t we be proud to our country,,, its too much for how long we are going to lose this is totally insane

    2. We don’t have problem with ladies. I just wish the could Ban the football team for good at least the resources should benefit the netball team.. they make us proud always.

  90. basi? you are champions of firing coaches,
    why firing nyasi zonse ?
    firing FAM & FLAMES
    assistant ndekuti chani?
    think twice.

  91. vuto ndilotenga ma coach a supre leage coz coach aliyense has got his players,,n kanchitidwe kongochosa macoach zkavutaka ndkonyatsa

  92. kunena zoona mtawali palibe chimene wachita pa contract imene adasaina. aenera kuona msana wa njira Bola Ramadhan yemweyo.

  93. i dont agree with the decision we are tired of firing coaches the problem is that we dont have enough resources ie financially,and players.even mourihno cant bring the results for flames so why firing mtawali?shame

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