Suffix, Faith Mussa go ancient in Mkazi Wakumwamba

Suffix Mkazi wa Kumwamba

Malawi’s gospel hip hop heavyweight Suffix premiered the much anticipated video for his Mkazi Wakumwamba hit song yesterday on local television stations.

The song that features guitar wizard, Faith Mussa, forms inseparable partnership with its fresh visuals. This meets the public’s expectations as only a catchy video can be expected from an audio that is music to the ear.

Suffix Mkazi wa Kumwamba
Suffix stars in Mkazi wa ku Mwamba video.

In the video, the duo embraces old fashion starting from setting to costume. However, this does very little to steal the visuals’ vibe with more flavour added. The artists look smart in their ‘ancient’ outfit which has been complemented by the song’s immaculate message.

The old models of vehicles, the kraal, and the structures design in the video make its every second enjoyable, no wander it was requested many times, just a few minutes after premiering.

The visuals which are free from indecent dancing, have the collaborating duo taking the responsibility in a simple manner. The only cameo, by KBG who is also a hip hop gospel artist, can be hardly noticed as he keeps it cool while leaning on the old model of a vehicle in his traditional attire.

The most important part of the video is that it brings to light an example of a heavenly woman that Suffix is looking for with the help of Faith Chemuphuwa Mussa.



  1. Faith mussa,young and talented,mumayamba ndi mungu koma mumazamalizira ndi satana inorder to famous and rich,dont be attempted be faithfull to God you will get what you want,we love uuu!!

  2. Faith,u r aspecial blessing to the world,my plead iz,b strong & coragious to serve the only GOD in heaven as u do,dont b shaken bcoz devil & his agents r buzy chasing talented artisits lik u,lastly play 4 long life if u continue to preach the gospel in sprit & truth,b blesses

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