Chilima is not DPP

Saulos Chilima

Vice President Saulos Chilima might be in a relationship with Peter Mutharika like the one that Joyce Banda had with Bingu wa Mutharika in their last days.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: DPP’s black sheep

A social commentator has said that the signs are clear that the Vice President does not fit in the set-up of the ruling party and was only used as a bait for votes in the 2019 elections.

“There is nowhere where you see him in the DPP set-up,” said Felix Unyolo, the commentator.

Unyolo’s remarks came after the Vice President was absent at a political rally that Mutharika addressed in Mulanje on Saturday.

“Chilima might have been busy or might not have been busy but it is clear that he is not a part of the party. His place has been filled by George Chaponda,” said Unyolo.

At the rally, Chaponda rose to address the crowd. His remarks were usually off the mark with him spending time to tell the crowd that gathered and Malawians watching at home or listening that the President was a Professor and therefore not supposed to be ridiculed by newspapers.

“Many people do not know the President. So, I am here to let you know the President. Do you know the President is a Professor? He is a real Professor not a bogus one,” said Chaponda.

Chaponda then thanked the President for giving him a ministerial position.

Unyolo says all the appearance of Chaponda at the rally and being given a special slot to address the crowd is a message from Mutharika to his Deputy that he does not see him as one of the blue party.

“That is a strong statement, in normal cases Chilima had to be there and be tasked with calling upon the President to address the crowd but here he is nowhere to be seen. I do not see his political career with the DPP after 2019 elections unless something happens,” said Unyolo.

The Vice President has been quoted in the media dismissing claims that the relationship between him and the President were bad.

“The relationship might be good as he claims but the issue is that the Party has not welcomed him, that says a lot than his claims that the relationship is good,” said Unyolo.



  1. Ife a DPP chomwe tikudziwa ndichoti Vice President mchaka cha 2019 ndi Saulos Chilima yemweyu, ndipo ngati kuchipani ubale wathu ndi iyeyu uli bwino koposa mabodza anuwa.

  2. Malawi 24 is thd only media station with the dullest crop of journalist ever in the world.alingati mayi will never suceed.Macra can you deal with tjis omline useless media zawo zisamawoneke

  3. that’s poor analysis of issues, VP was busy raising money for good cause but u r talking about something else. that’s poor analysis based on poor statistics, your divide and rule will not work this time around u Dpp haters.

  4. ndibwinonso kuti vice presdent wa dziko azikhalanso yemwe ali vice wa chipani cholamula, patha kukhala ubale wabwino ndi achipanicho. Achakwera aja anasankha bwino.

  5. First of all what’s the politics mean ? If you say Mr Chilima ware used as a bait of course yes & what’s in those people heart can not reveal to someone else they’ll pot ray only onl action s ndipo wankulu sauzidwa.

  6. Kodi tiziti mayiko enawa atsogoleri saamakangana?ku zimbabwe mugabe anayambana ndi vice wake koma go and check mma online news akwaoko anazitaya kale,america,japan,china,britain komanso pamozambique pompa zoti kuli nkhondo tilibe info yokwanila why ma reporter akumeneko amakonda dziko lawo and zomwe zikichitikazo zikuwanyansa koma sangayalutse dziko lawo why only kumalawi mukalemba za nzeru ndiye kuti mwayipitsa olamula boma kapena mwanyoza otsutsa boma,anthu ambiri amangidwa osalakwa chifukwa cha utolankha opusa ngati uwu mumachemelela zinthu zoti sindizo kenaka mpungwepungwe uyambike mupeze zolemba.leave the politicians alone and mulole chifunilo cha mulungu chichitike pa dziko lathu,nkhondo siimanga mudzi

  7. Yaaa it can be but nothing new to the world and now no need of him we have the says nothing is new on earth so you are like peter who Jesus says get away of my way i know what i am doing that what Jesus said to peter but up to now some of us we are peter of the bible.

  8. I bet to differ with your observations, don’t think what happened in the past will repeat it self…
    Wait and see rather than coming up with bad and unpopular analysis…. Why you spread bad prophecy???

  9. Chati chubwi!! chiri pompo,pitilizan kutiuza nkhan zimenez asakuuzen zochita apo tikatere timat zayamba.nkhawa ndi yakut koma wina sazaulura?

  10. The fact that chilima did not attend the rally in mulanje does not justify in an way that chilima is not a member of DPP.. Again what Chaponda said had nothing to do with Chilima.. So say something of substance

  11. Chondeee, malawi 24 talembani zomanga Malawi kuti dziko lathu likhalabe mtendere. Nthawi zonse zimene mumalemba ndi zopatsula basi. Mulungu ndipovuta kutikhulukira dziko lathu zomwe tikomana nazo kamba ka anthu awa opereka chisokonezo mdziko. Koma mwa Mulungu kudzera mwa YESU athetsa malingaliro anthu amene amafuna kubweretsa kusavana. Mulungu akuonani.

  12. Ndiwankulu asova yekha,,,,, at first did he knew the greedy cake holders???? Amunawa ndi magamba a mtundu wawo, safuna wina mtundu wa anthu koma okhaokha!!

  13. A boot licker! Thats Chaponda George ! Everybody in his right senses know that academic achievements and running a country are two different things! If it were the same, mother Malawi would not have been in a such sorry state! A professor! What a shame to the academicians!

  14. kodi inu a Malawi24 simukudziwa kuti a VP analikuti nanga amachita chiyani?Ur publication is retrogressive to the development of this country.

  15. Who is chilima & who is APM 2 this world, after all they is king of king , comander of comander, hom if he can distroy this world jst a minute, his name is God/Yaweh, amene mukunenawo akufanana sakuziwa kalikonse, i trust in God,

  16. Mzosadabwisa izi, zosachita kufusa munthu,

    just the same as was Bingu with Bakili n his UDF, the problem with Malawi presidents is that they are selfish, they don’t want those hard workers for the party to be obvious leaders! This syndrome shall always be there!

    1. kkkk a Sir gent saka akozabwanji wina akumasula nanga tizidya ziwala ndi mbewa basi mbewa zimapezeka kangati pachala kkkk osanena zina bwanji u professor umenewo

    2. @chidzukulu ngati muli mmodzi mwa olemba nkhani ku malawi24 mwadya zambiri koma what you have to know is amalawi tinasukusulatu tell them amene akupatsani ndalamawo kuti malawi belongs to God and God is in control tipemphela zitha

    3. @chidzukulu ngati muli mmodzi mwa olemba nkhani ku malawi24 mwadya zambiri koma what you have to know is amalawi tinasukusulatu tell them amene akupatsani ndalamawo kuti malawi belongs to God and God is in control tipemphela zitha

  17. I suggest if the government makes new recruits especially in the ministerial posts. Those too educated ministers i.e.those with phds’,masters,should go back and work in their respective fields.Doctors should go back to the hospitals,research stations,universities etc.Politics is for the less educated people.For the president,it’s fine.Malawi’s cabinet is full of very educated people than any country in Africa and seconded by Zimbabwe.No wonder we are struggling financially,health etc.They like capital hill.

  18. Initially, the President wanted to take a different approach as regards the politics of this Country. This is the reason he loped Mchilima as his VP. Most of the people were eager to see a better Malawi than the usual political mudslinging. A few months down the line, the DPP gurus found their way to be close to the President. Their influence on him is so clear. If you listen to his speeches, you will appreciate that Our dear President has lost the plot, he is now drunk in political “beer”. The drunkenness is getting into an addiction. He is a professor, YES. HOWEVER, over the years, I have observed that ones high level of EDUCATION doesn’t automatically translate into a good Leader. perhaps, a WISE person can do better than people with high academic qualifications. One may be tempted to say Malawian politics does not suit professors….they end up embarrassing themselves in the way they speak and miserably fail to sail the ship. They focus too much on consolidating their power, succession plan, wealth accumulation, rubbing off evidence of corruption, partying,……….etc……..etc….(am only a voiceless citizen)

  19. This is nothing but the truth! If u think Chilima is DDP just wait for 2017 and u will witness some ugly scenes which will reflect the rift which is there between the two. In actual sense, Chilima is so smart to be genuinely associated with thieves, he is not yet as dirty as these cheap recycled politicians, as such, he will always play it safe. That was just marriage of convenience and divorce is fast approaching. This is so clear that it doesnt even need any prophecy.

    1. People become angry when u tell them the truth but this is the reality and its not new coz Cassim Chilumpha, JB and even Dr Malewezi went thru the same

    2. Paul, history repeats itself! Chilima is young, enawo anawononga kale ma CV awo so he will play it self. On the other hand, there are many DPP executive members who are not happy with Chilima

  20. Tiziwonela lumozi koma choti muziwe musayelekeze or comparing usogoleri wa NKHUZI WAZINKHUZI, PROFESOR WAMAPROFESOR,KATAKWE WAKATAKWE WAMALAMULO PA ZIKO LONSE LA PANSI, KATUNDU WAWAKATUNDU PAZIKO LONSE LA PANSI, MATETULE AMATETULE PA ZIKO LA PANSI NDI Kuyelekeza ndi onse ambuyowa nanga simukuwona zochitika siku ndi siku zasopano zomwe over 50yrs timangoziwo mbera mumanja pomwe zikutipondeleza ndikubwe zela ziko mumbuyo?? u can image the most enjoying and respected VP in our country is DR CHILIMA under the leadership of Prof APM, sorry sorry munena ndi kulongolora pomwe eni ache zili mbeee; pheee ziko likuyenda mwa new new kutaya zoyipa zonse zakumbuyo

  21. ati kuyetsetsa kuti mwiña president ndi vice wake adane koma hmm amta ndie simmene akugwirizanila kulephera ķupezeka pansonkhàno ndie kuti mgwiruzano wawo suĺi bwiño?akanakhalaponso bwenzi mukuti akuononga ndalama zaboma bwanji akupezeka pansonkhano wandale onse awiri?talembani ñkhani zina iñu za awà tikuziwa kuti amagwirizana kuposa onse akhapo pampandowu mbuyomu

  22. Koma mwadya zambiri amalawi 24 ndimakudalilani koma it seems zoti mungalembe za nzeru zatha koma ndiye mukubowatu heavy lembani za yesu chabwino anthu tikapulumuke osati zanuzi,dzulo mwati peter walankhula chizungu ku mulanje lero chilima palibe ena oti mungatiuzeko nkhani zawo tikhallila awiriwa?zikunyansatu mukupangazi tell us bridge ya liwonde itha liti?nkhani ya doko la nsanje ili pati?magetsi amalasha afika liti? Zanjala zili pati?nanga flames zikuti bwwanji ingophopholedwa

    1. Ngati akukwana sizoti akumakukakamidza ase ingopanga unlike page yawo basi sudzawawonanso ndizawozi basi

    2. I hv got the right to express my views without any problem and and i have go the right to access current affairs so aJoe ngati muli olemba nkhani plz love your malawi kodi tikayamba ife kumuipitsa nanga obwela azitani?amene timawerenga this online news si amalawi tokha koma dziko lonse lapansi tikuziyalusilanji?tiziti ku america,britain,canada,china,southafrica samakangana?pa mozambique pompa pali nkhondo koma mukuimva mma news?why always malawians timakhala patsogolo kuipitsa dziko lathu?

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