Malawian man gets ten years for selling human bones


A plea that he has two wives and ten children and that all the wives are pregnant did not save a man in Machinga district as he was still sent to jail.

The man, 45 year-old Mussa Kachepa, was on Thursday sentenced to 10 years for the offence of selling human bones which is contrary to section 16 of Anatomy Act.

In court, assistant prosecutor Lungu based at Eastern Region Headquarters said that on 8th June 2016 the accused was seen bringing a travelling bag to his house.


“A woman in the district asked him what was inside the bag, but he answered nothing,” Lungu told the court.

The following day the accused took the travelling bag and buried it in a nearby bush for safe keeping. The woman secretly exhumed the bag and discovered that there were human bones.

The woman informed the police who arrested the suspect and recovered 9 pieces of human bones. The accused admitted that he wanted to sell them to a certain lady from Liwonde township.

Prosecutor Lungu asked court to impose a stiff punishment to the convict saying such offences are rampant in Machinga District and that it is a taboo to sell human bones.

In mitigation the convict prayed for a fair punishment for he is married with two wives and ten children and that all the wives are pregnant.

When passing judgment Chief Residence Magistrate Agness Patemba said people with albinism are living in fear because of people like Kachepa.

She then sentenced him to 10 years in jail with hard labour. Mussa Kachepa halls from koliha village T/A Kawinga in Machinga.



  1. Ma judge ena kuwumira,economy ndi popereka chilango pomwe.munthuyu amafunika chilango cha wholesale China choyambira 17years achite kunenerelako nku muchoserako 4 hours kenako khoti liyime palibe kusitsako mulandu tawoda modura!

  2. mutengele chsanzo pa judge wathu kuno ku mzuzu Dingiswayo Madise .amene wapeleka chigamulo kwa opha ma alubino ku karonga kut akakhale moyo wake onse ku ndende..osat za ten years zopusazo

  3. Mphunzitsi kuchita zachikondi zamtendere niophunzira 14yrs. Wopha anthu 10yrs. Poverty nim’mutu momwe? Koma Malawi the warm heart of killers and casigaters, but the cold heart of love makers.

  4. Mwedzi ukubwelau mumunva peter sopano ndikufuna kukhululukila omangidwa ose ogulisa mafupa amasulidweeee Anthu, eeeeee. Akuti kunyadila

  5. This is ridiculous,why only ten years? We either want the death sentence or life in prison,if he was found with human bones that means somebody died! Charge him for murder,he deserves to rot in jail this evil bastard