MSCE leaks: Woman nabbed for cheating in an exam

Malawi exams

Coming hot on the heels of the reports that MSCE papers are on the market and people are accessing them before the day when they have to be written, a woman has been arrested for cheating in an exam.

Police in Phalombe district have arrested a 30 year-old woman at Holy family mission secondary school for cheating in the ongoing Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) exams, Malawi24 has been informed.

The candidate, Fanny Chabwela, was caught using a reference material popularly known as likasa during Biology practical exam on Thursday.

leaked MSCE papers
One of the leaked MSCE question papers flying on the internet.

Confirming the development, Phalombe­ police officer in charge William Kazakha said the suspect is in Police custody.

Chabwela hails from Nkhulambe village, Traditional Authority (TA) Nkhulambe in Phalombe district and she is yet to appear in court.

The 2016 MSCE exams have since started with bad news with reports of the exams being leaked in some parts of the country.



  1. Onse ku MANEB akapume chifukwa analowetsako chibwana. Umbuli ku Malawi suuzatha chifukwa cha mchitidwe umenewu. FIRE THEM ALL, leakage imayambila ku st Mary’s chifukwa ambiri mwa anyamata aku MANEB amakhala ndi tizibwenzi kumeneko. Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw Each and every year zimenezo zikumachitika tatopa kuzinva it’s high time boma lichitepo kanthu.

  2. ena akusala tulo kuti achite bwino
    koma ena angotola mayeso ngati akutola masamba a tree
    thats bad

    1. U sound so hatred sister,I see u just hate him personaly for the reasons u kno yourself,it is not jelousy hunting you?lets call spade a spade not a big spoon in our facts,we all kno that he has some weakness ofcourse but not this one. this muilpractice or cheating system started longtime before even himself started thinking or dreaming of coming to malawi for presidency,ask Bakili Muluzi how do people started all this nosense.may be u were young u didnt see how things got out of hand in terms of education n examination boards ask regible people before u leave yo stress here.

  3. awulule komwe wapeza mayesowo ngati ili chain mpaka apeze oyambitsa, coz if they wil b diling wth students they wil not end the problem they wil just be plunning & wen the rains come the ploblem wil regrow more helth coz it waz plunned, pluning only encoradge the growth, they must dill with the rrots so that next season we must not listen to this music again.

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