Lilongwe awaits spiritual and academic excellence conference

Pastor Mwasinga.

Lilongwe’s long awaited Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence (CSAE) conference popularly known as CSAE is expected to begin on July 16th at Crossroads Hotel.

Chairperson of the organizing committee, Gray Chikanda, said in a statement that over 2500 people are expected to attend the conference. He said as of now more than 1500 people have registered and the numbers are expected to swell as the day draws nearer.

“We are targeting intellectuals, those working, doing business, doing business while doing school, those planning to do school and those in college and university,” said Chikanda.

Pastor Mwasinga.
Pastor Mwasinga shares some point at a previous conference.

The main speaker at the Conference will be Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga, President of Redeemed for a Purpose (RFP) Ministries. He is a holder of a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Accountancy degree, both with distinction. He is also an ACCA Chartered Accountant.

There have been many of such conferences held at different college campuses in the past.

Last year’s CSAE conference that took place in September at Robins Park in Blantyre saw the launch of the Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence book whose author is Pastor Mwasinga. The book which is a bestseller explains the principles of spiritual and academic success.

Chikanda said preparations for the Lilongwe CSAE conference are at an advanced stage and that they are not leaving anything to chance.

He added that one of the pillars in RFP is excellence and as the conference denote, participants should expect an event like no other.

He then urged people to attend the conference saying there will be answers to many important questions on failure, success, and academic excellence.