BREAKING: Parliament suspended: MPs want money


They continue to argue over conditions of service and this time around it went haywire and the speaker could not just desist from suspending the house.

The MPs have over the past week been in key serious arguments over the same issue.

Today, the arguments were fueled with the call that the conditions of service be discussed and reviewed.

Finance Minister was asked to them on the matter but when it was indicated he was not ready to, a call was made that the house be suspend.

And in the vote, which Deputy Speaker, Esther Mcheka Chilenje conducted, a majority voted for the house to go for suspension as the MPs said they will come back to parliament only when the issue they want is explained in the house.

Of key focus is a MK3 Million loan that every legislator is supposed to receive.

Malawi ParliamentMcheka Chilenje could not hold it and suspended the house ‘until further notice’.

Initially, Opposition legislators have asked the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) to furnish the conditions of service for cabinet ministers, accusing them of getting up to K7 million in discreet allowances.

This was after Dowa East MP Richard Chimwendo Banda made claims that the OPC offers the cabinet ministers a K5 million loan whoever applies for it, K1 million furniture loan and up to K1 million hotel allowance soon after they have been appointed to their position and K45 000 subsistence allowance whenever they follow the President on his official and political errands.

Malawi24 will keep you updated as this is a developing story.



  1. 52 yrs of self rule,top officials of government still money hungry!civilization is still too far with us as some civil servants r chasing each other.shame

  2. Even the noise makers are quite meaning that they are also fighting for more leader of opposition ,kamlepo kabwira mwenefunbo do you know how much a teachers police officers doctors receive per month? May God punish you all MPs very soon

  3. Even the noise makers are quite meaning that they are also fighting for more leader of opposition ,kamlepo kabwira mwenefunbo do you know how much a teachers police officers doctors receive per month? May God punish you all MPs very soon

  4. makobili,makobili.Panawakulamula masengogangali makobili ,wani?Nambi eti akatiga ajonjechesye makobili gawandu waku kamulA masengo mboma ngawa yakulinonyela.Jewmanjaji akopweche munyumba jamalamusi nowe kwendetuleche artujonjechesye,

  5. Guys, akuti conditions of services ama MP not MCP. Kusokoneza bwanji? And akutinso atapanga vote papezeka aphungu 75 a 100 amafuna akambirane nkhaniyi, meaning even a dmpimpi anali momo. Mwatani kodi?

  6. they are not greedy. they are just asking wht they deserve.this is part of their condition of service and how can one say they are greedy. lets be objective. even u the reporter when your boss has failed u this is probably wht you can do.i support this coz zomangonamizana is creating a bad precedent

    • yeah penapake if the loans are part of their contractual benefits then they have the right to demand it, @ #Kingdom mmene ndimavutira ine nkhani ya contractual terms not being met asaah, i understand them though they are doing that at the expense of un suspecting poor Malawian but anthuwa ndi amodzi asamatipusitse either DPP, PP or MCP they will all benefit from the loans…

    • but its funny that civil servants are told the government has no money for increment and the civil service is grossly understaffed for the same reason, yet these guys demand increment during almost every sitting. whom are they representing? seriously.

    • When we vote them timafuna zitukuko m’mamizi koma palibe chimene amachita anthuwa muziyenda muzikaona kumene amachokera amangonamiza anthu kumuzi.

  7. Bola #Welesky anali bho,ma MP akudawa akangoti awina chisakho basi anthu onse timakhala opanda nchito,chomwe amapanga ndizodzilemeletsa okha basiiii.Koma mpakana liti?

  8. Our members of Parliament are greedy people if they have people at heart they would have considered the poor suffering and the plight of civil servants who help deliver the services before their own business

  9. Zachibwana kungosiya ndikumakalima basi kodi AMalawi ndinu nokha ?palinso ophunzira kuposa inu ntchito itakusowani mudajoina ndale lero mwayamba zina koma mukuona mabvuto a Njala osaganiza ayi ife ndiye makasu anu pokubvoterani chokani nonse a OPC agwila ntchito pothandiza presdent basi.

  10. Chauta akukhululukireni cos u dont how panthetc is the living stds of the people who stood on the quee and soack their thumbs in inch just for u

  11. we will meet in 2019, mudzatifuna!!!! Educated savages why can‘t you put the life of poor villagers first, as we are talking now maize is 300/kg in most areas…….fools mwandikwiyitsa kwambiri

  12. Just close it,we r tired of ur nonsence,Malawi Mps dey think dey r mo important dan anybody else,dey r 4geting dat every person is important in da eyes of de Lord

  13. Fools! Pano mwayamba kutithawa km came 2019, mudxatifuna enanu simudxapexekamoso menemo, instead of thinking how 2 end the ctitical condition our Nation iz facing ur buxy discusing abt money dis iz wat u know

  14. What kind of condition of services do they want, they are getting K50,000.00 as allowance a day which is equivalent to a salary of a civil servant who have worked for 30 days, condition of civil servants are pathetic, we need MPs who can bring constructive issues rather than filling they empty bellies with huge allowances, people are starving in villages.

    • its too bad the people’s opinion is ignored in this country, unless we demonstrate. what about the civil servants who have to survive on old rates after 100% inflation. these guys are totally sick in the head.

  15. That’s to the advantage of the government and DPP because come 1st July 2016 if the budget is not passed, the law allows the government to spend from account number 1 until the budget is passed. Therefore this is the time for DPP to twist the accounts!Next time make sure they should not get allowances in advance! They should be paid for the work done not otherwise.

  16. Jms-Jnr Mulewa Bra listen to this article it shows that this fat rats are just their for money not to help people. Y should Parliament being suspended because there are not give them money? Ine I always say these pigs there don’t know y their Are there coz someone hu say I will die for Malawi can not even do that and here in we hv alot of problems to be talked about and we employed you to be their

  17. Musadzabwereso kunyumbayi whaat ever u do dnt assiste de poor malawian.u do budget n use de mney urself.increament ya civil servant ili bwino kma kma yanu? Mukusowa umunthu.

  18. Nothing has been discussed as regards the remuneration for civil servants. The civil servants are cowardly more understanding of the economic situation. While inflation rate is skyrocketing, civil servants are simply hoping that someone somewhere will push for an increment on their miserable pecks. Workup civil servants from your slumber. It is common knowledge that MPs get a fat salary plus allowance…… and yet they are still pushing for an improvement on the same. Things are expensive, workup

  19. DPP mumaona ngati kuchenjera during previous aphungu akavomereza zofuna zanu mumathetsa zokambilana mwadzidzi kumati bola zanu zayenda lero ndimenezotu

  20. Maybe if they had the welfare of the common man at heart this couldn’t have had happened . the so called condition of service couldn’t have been there coz of everything could have taken care of itself ( things couldn’t have been bad- financially thus)

  21. akapolo amenewa olo apatsidwe ndalama mavuto awo samatha anayamwira kwamakolo awo umphawi ambiliwa xul zimene amkaphuzira amkafuna kuzathexa umphawi wao osati kutukula dziko

  22. Greedy! unpatriotic! instead of fighting for the common good of a man in a village they are bussy duscussing money to buy duvets so that they should put on with this winter season in the august house while sleeping in the chambers, Naonso awa akufunika ma demo a naked.

    • Thats right, instead of doing chitukuko kumuzi kumene kumachokera mavoti zikungolimbana ndi makobili oti azikangomwera mowa basi. Anthu kumuzi akuvutika misewu silibwino ndizinazotero, ndiopusa zedi!!