Airtel sends 8 graduate trainees to 4 countries


Eight graduate trainees from Airtel Malawi leave this Tuesday to India, Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania.

Going to India is Aisha Sadala, Marcia Kamanga, Daniel Matavata, John Maneya and Abigail Mkwate while Rachel Mpagaja is off to Kenya, Gloria Mwatikana to Tanzania and Denis Khonje to Zambia.

The eight are expected to stay in these countries for two months.

Graduates sent out of Malawi.

Speaking at a send-off party at Ufulu Gardens in Lilongwe, Airtel’s Human Resource Director Alick Sikelo said he is excited that Airtel is sending the trainees to those countries because it will be a learning experience for them.

“What we are doing is mentoring these young graduates to be future managers and directors. We believe that through this program we will prepare them for their future roles,” said Sikelo.

He encouraged the trainees to work hard at their respective destination as they will be representing Malawi.  

“Go there and shine. Uphold the Malawian values and be a symbol of excellence. Already your absence will be felt, but we encourage you to continue to work as hard as you did the past 11 months,” he said.

He said since charity begins at home it is only right that Airtel lives by its staunch belief in the power of potential by empowering the trainees.

Rachel Mpagaja one of the trainees said she is excited that she is leaving for Kenya in the program and said it is an opportunity for her to get new experience and learn from other countries.

“I want to display a spirit of excellence that is encouraged at Airtel Malawi and I will work hard because I know I am going there representing Malawi. I want to make Airtel Malawi and Malawi proud.” she said.

The 18-month graduate training program started with ten fresh graduates from the country’s various universities in July last year.

About the Graduate Trainee Programme

The Graduate Trainee programme is one of Airtel’s competitive programs that gathers high performing university graduates from Malawian Universities, with the aim of offering the Young Graduates an opportunity to unleash their potential through real work training and experience; and prepare them for the corporate world. This is a Bharti Airtel’s Global Program, and the international experience is aimed at further exposing the graduates, and offering them a global footprint to enhance their experience outside their home country.




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