Church mourns deacon who has left behind 231 grandchildren

A sombre mood engulfed Last Church in Nkhotakota district after the demise of its elder who was born in 1907.

Secretary of the Last Church in the district Pastor Mangwere said the death of the old man, Mr Magaisa who died aged 108, will create an unsealed hole in Last Church in the district.

“The old man was dedicated towards church activities,” said Pastor Mangwere.

ripThe Man of God added that the old man was not like other people who swap churches as they are getting old.

The late Magaisa was born in 1907 and has left 231 grandchildren. He is among a few people who reached such an age in Malawi where life expectancy is 58 years for males.

The late old man hailed from Nkhandwe Village, Traditional Authority Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota.



  1. whats the essence of stating the number of grandchildren on the demise of a DEACON? anyway, may the soul of the departed rest in peace

  2. Ok rip .i wish kukanakhalaso MALAWI 25. coz inuyo a24nu nkhani zina ndimituyake sizimanveka bwinobwino, nkhani imakhala yomweyo koma Headline .monga apapa mumafuna tiziwe kuti gogo wamwalilayu ,anali ndizizukulu 231?.anali mumpingo wa last? ,wamwalira ali ndizaka zambiri? kapena bwanji?

  3. RIP gogo. Palibeso zolira apa koma celebrating gogo’s life. Chikhala Ali ena pa zizukulu 231 akanayambisa mpingo wao.

  4. M24 pls up grade your system. We fail to open your links. Any way Rip GOGO, 231 Grandchildren is not a joke. Gogo has contributed alot to our population growth. You shall be remembered.

    1. Would you please download another browser. I hope you dont mind deleting the one you are using. There might be a problem with the browser. the Web is working Themba Nkosi

    2. Thanks #M24 you are online. There are some problems you haven’t noticed but the readers have noticed them. When we open the web, it says Website may not be trusted, and when we force it, it says Link not available. If you’v got the journals outside Malawi ask them may be they will xplain to you better.

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