Mugabe to step aside as Zim president

Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has told thousands of people attending the commemorations of Day of the African Child that he will quit as leader of the country.

Speaking at the event which was held in Harare, the 92 year-old said he will quit politics but hoped his successors will be better him.

“Once upon a time, I was like you. But I am not like you anymore. I am on my way out,” he told the gathering of thousands of children. “But when I look over my shoulder, I would want to see bold and courageous men. I want to look behind and say those coming will be better than me.”

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe will be stepping down.

Before Saturday, Mugabe had never publicly talked about quitting politics hence the remarks have led to discussions over his successor.

Within his Zanu-PF there are already two visible factions gunning for Mugabe’s seat, one called G-40 is led by Mugabe’s wife Grace while the other one known as Lacoste Team fights for Zimbabwe vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. The two however may be involved in a futile fight since the constitution allows Mugabe to run for one more term which will end in 2022, a provision the veteran president may consider using given his history of clinging to power.

Mugabe — the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence 36 years ago — has used all manner of tactics to cling to power, including alleged violence against political opponents and electoral fraud.



  1. This man need to rest/retire in peace..Now Zim is becoming a joke because of him

  2. I love Mugabe n I don’t want him to quit because Africa will get lost.

  3. He is just too old to rule,he should have resigned a long time back. That was goin to save his dignity. Now its no longer goin to be the case coz zanu pf as well has joined in the trail of discontent

  4. i dont believe it,,, coz i recall one of his speeches some years back, that he never see Zimbabwe being ruled by any other man while he is still alive.

  5. Thnx Bob go well I are a man & u are suppose to do this before anyway thanx a lot uncle.

    1. Mugabe is dignified leader as many people, especially would portray him to be. He has been a ruthless dictator from start of his rule. He killed more people in time of peace than those killed by Smith during struggle for black oppression and repression. Gukurahundi, murambatsvina and 2008 purgings come to the minds of the sane when bandits of the dictator eulogise their master. Tell the truth always and the truth shall set you free.

      1. Mugabe the bad role model for Zimbabwe i define you as aheartless father you have destroyed killed and stole a once eautiful country you destroyed the industries and farming you are the biggest sell out you sold zimbabwe to the goose chinese maffia you have stolen money and hide it overseas the people of zimbabwe see you as another Pharaoh you must go in peace but one day you and your killer Cio and your brutal army will stand before God what will you say about 20000 ndebeles what would you say about thousand who disappeared all who got rich by killing and sealing whrther from blacks or whites you have killed the defenceless they will go to their graves yours is waiting for you on earth we all have expirig dates what have you left behind in zim poverty graves suffering shame onzanu pf the party of educated fools

  6. Zim citizens have experienced nothing yet……bring on multiparty and your so could democracy and dance to too its tunes as we do here in Malawi…

  7. Nothing wrong with mugabe but jst support him with defend Zimbabwe an Africa from evil jah bless him an keep him strong

  8. Idont think a Malawian can suport this. Just look around and tel people out there the goodnes of Multiparty. Nothing good Isee From 1994 what have got from these multiparty rule. People are poor than zimbabweans people have lost their life’s through rituals. Remember Kanyama kakudowa, azimayi kudulidwa mabere, nachipanti and death’s of albinos and you want to turn zimbabwe into this shit nononono some people the want destroy zim but Zim must live long Mugabe must live long.

  9. We are all images of GOD Whether black or white this man has molested many lives of goodwill of ZIMBABWE i support his thinking of paving way for others to lead the country “ONE HEAD CAN’T HOLD THE ROOF”Zimbabwe was the richest nation in central africa come to day its only RAGS IF UR SAYING THIS FROM THE BOTTOM OF UR HEART I JUST SAY PAMBERI HAVE A NICE STAY & SEE U @ the high court when facing the law of high corruption thank u BABA MUGABE.

  10. Left a strong legacy worth admiring. A man who single handedly withstood the western dominance of Africa when almost all other leaders where caping to wipe Western asses…. Better free with your own land than well fed as a slave. Don’t know what you have till its gone…..

  11. kkkkk guys tandiuzeni ngati mwaonako khani imeneyi pa tv news kumeneko. cz ppl in zim thy dnt know about it.if u wnt proof I cn gv u nomber s for thm so tht u wl ask

  12. That’s good idear, you will see on how the people of all over de continent will respect u as they did to NELSON MADIBA MANDELA.Thanx for that MR.MUGABE. Keep it up! Young people will seek more idears from u MR. PRESIDENT. GOD BLESS U.

  13. Hope is better step down/quit your leadership,papa u r too old and u shld give a chance to young brave n matured pipo to continue filling Zim.Bambo mwadyelera udindowo kwanthawi yaitali chonde asiyileni ena apitilize.

  14. He should’ve waited ‘to the end’. Look, he already ‘strategically and systematically’ declared himself life president of Southern Rhodesia.

  15. come in Morgan and destroy Zimbabwe completely by accepting white man’s evil ideas.. I Will always Salute Mugabe whether somebody like it or not.

  16. U Zim guyz u don’t appreciate,When did you realise Mugabe is a Malawian?You’ll do the same to Khama Billiat wn he gets old bt nw u cheer him when he score in his own native goal.

  17. How your old man today call him a Malawian? Even here we wouldn’t accept him. He has displaced my relatives abroad even thomas mapfumo the chimulenga boy wud be the last one to forgive him.

  18. Yes we love him cause of his leadership maturity except those who want easy life…..there is nothing wrong with him but the westerners tried to push us away from them true their economic architecture

  19. ….. he have been singing this song since i was young.! to every Zimbabwean it’s a usual joke and he always buys people’s time with this song…..

    1. @chrissie okwiya phiri…. thanks for saying ‘you think’ .. coz thats not the way things on the ground are, come to my inbox and chat with me

    1. Dnt be stupid gys some tyms ad jst tlk abt zimzim nt our peaceful nyasaland ok,i concoure wth u my cc elne banda let dem tlk 4 mugabe.

  20. We will appreciate if his speech will be fulfilled. It’s long time zimbabwe has been opressed to enjoy multparty and democrancy. Furthermore atleast economy would also be better. Lets pray for him to retire in peace

    1. am a malawian who has many relatives in zimbabwe,iknow what u are passing through.but let me tell u tis that mugabe is the only hero who does not baw down crooked whites. zimbabwe isin crisis coz of these pink people

    1. But this man deserve much respect he is awise man he don’t take shit from those people who take us 4 granted(white people).much respect sir

    1. The zimbabweans were blind wen u were given him dat post,de history has been made.dis is how foreigners r clever in foreign land.

    2. u made yo self to suffer not he made u suffer alot 4my own information wsh him not to quit otherwise u r adding some insults in the injury Zim will b in hot soup with dat ndebere guy #Morgan

    3. Winnie who told you that Mugabe is a Malawian?We don’t have Mugabe’s in my country you are twisting history only Kenneth Kaunda who ruled Zambian had Malawian roots.I know that many Malawians reside in Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans are staying in my country as well but your resentment towards Malawi won’t solve anything.

    4. mugabe adopted his surname from his mother’s family his father is called Matibili from yourside. He is only lucky enough that zimbabweans are cowards but he was not suppossed even to be a councillor

    5. he lost his respect when he spent 36yrs destroying the economy,social and agricultural industries. He was supposedz to quit long back

    6. winnie kukurani, am not saying that u r stupid, bt what am just trying 2say z that u hav bad lack when it comes 2thinking

    7. y Keith? Mugabe is evil but u wish him well. what about millions of people suffering? some are being mistreated in SA coz of him. We can’t let him go away with it

    8. kkkkkkkkkkk @Winnie Kukurai this is my 1st tym 2 hear dat Mugabe iz a Malawian!! What we know iz dat Alick Macheso &Khama Biliyati are Malawians! Biliyati iz 4rom Dedza District while Macheso iz from Chirazulu district!! Plz don’t insult Malawians 4 the wrong decisions of you Zimbabweans

    9. Come on guys, I’m not good at trading insults, and would like you guys to tread well!
      I would personally upload the old man that finally he is coming into senses! May his wish come sooner than he might expect!

    10. Kkkkkkkk mis Kukulai do you know the meaning of #Khama?????? In Chichewa or Chinyanja it means working hard to achieve something!! So Khama is a true Malawian the name itself tells that he is a Malawian plz tell him that we want him back kkkkkkkkkkkkk

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