Bring the death sentence, forget international institutions – says Nsanje chief


Though Malawi has signed various international agreements human rights, a local leader from Nsanje district has urged government to implement death sentence arguing that the constitution gives courts powers to hand out the penalty to murder convicts.

The call comes at a time when Malawi government disclosed that it will not implement death sentence in fear of international institutions that are in agreement with the country on human rights issues.

Death hangingReacting on the development, Chief Malemia said Malawi needs to stand on what its constitution say.

“I could be a lay person but that shouldn’t be an excuse to counter our laws, we spend taxpayers’ money in making these laws, this is Malawi, not international institutions for human rights,” said Malemia.

Malemia added that death sentence will see the barbaric acts of killing people with albinism dying a natural death.

Meanwhile, Malawians expect the nude parade organized by Mulanje South Member of Parliament Elias Bon Kalindo to force government to have death sentence being practical in Malawi.

Section 201 of the Penal Code provides that individuals convicted of murder “shall be liable to be punished with death or with imprisonment for life.”

Records show that from 1972 to 1993 during Kamuzu Banda’s era a total of 823 were sentenced to death. Out of the 823 convicts, 299 were executed and the remaining ones died in prison.

However, On April 27, 2007, the Constitutional Court declared that mandatory death sentences were unconstitutional, inhumane and a degradation to human dignity.

The court was ruling in a case where a murder convict Francis Kanfantayeni and five others were challenging the constitutionality of the death penalty.



  1. As a sovereign country there are things that Government can do to benefit their electorate. The people in office should first understand that they are accountable to the people who voted them into office. Yes, we are signatories to various international bodies but it is not the international bodies that put us into positions of authority. At times it’s logical to go hungry than sell your soul. Malawian government must listen to the people in resolving this diabolical act and for once forget what these international bodies will do. Yes, they will cut off aid or loans but are they giving us solutions on how to deal with these acts of barbarism. I agree with the Chief that the political house should put the interest of the country at heart before the international bodies. Either, the best solution to resolving this is by holding a referendum and hear the views of the people. Democracy is by the people for the people and of the people and these people we are talking about are the citizens of that particular country and not the international bodies that we keep on embracing every time we have internal challenges. I hope the politicians will listen to it’s citizens and not the organisations headquartered somewhere we don’t even know. Our politicians have a duty if so to explain the citizen’s or the electorates position of these issues. First you serves those who put you in position, then you subscribe if need be to the third or outside party.

  2. Ife,
    .kwathu ndi ku tchire
    .timaganiza ndi kuchita zinthu monga anthu a ku tchire
    .timagwiritsa ntchito malamulo a ku tchire aka, laws of the jungle
    .timaganiza mofananiranapo ndi president wakale wa ku America George W Bushman yemwe adati aliyense angabweretse mutu wa Osama bin Laden ndimpatsa $80,000,000 komanso President Obama yemwe adati mubwere naye Osama bin Laden wamoyo kapena wakufa: mwa njira ina kamgwireni koma akakavuta kakonzereni konko
    .tikagwira chigawenga chopha albino, tikoza tokha
    .akabwera a polisi ndi kufunsa waotcha munthuyu ndani? Tonse tidzayankha kuti tonseeeee, tonseeeeeee, tonseeeeeee

    Kwa ife, ma lawyer ndi,
    .ma satanist
    .mbuli zophunzira
    .ana a njoka
    .anthu amene ntchito yawo ndi kumenyera
    ufulu wa anthu oyipa ngati mbava, zigawenga, akatangale

    “Malamulo asamakomere anthu akupha kusiyana ndi ophedwa,” adatero kalindo.

  3. Njoka saweta! adatero Chilima. Kill them because of their evil mind and bad spirits. If they be spared today, tomorrow they will take another innocent life.

  4. wokupha ma LUBINO come here in NSANJE you will see B4 kukuwocha tizakumwesa mowa wamasawu kenako kukuponya pa poto,Mawufulu Wokupha azani alimoyo kucheka ndi kumungangada zanu akuwona ? ngati boma silisayina kuwocha badi das the best (

    1. Mr Mgubo ife zabomazo ayi tinaotcha anthu 7 munamva ndani amangidwa.Kuvutika ndikulankhula simukuwaziwa anthu aku LowerShire. Tinatopa ife kungogwira kuyatsa moto Apolice akabwera amapeza zakuthaitha samafusanso.Inu mukufunakunena chiyani kaya kwanuko boma ndife anthu simudziwa

  5. Let our country come first,Chief Malamia is right.Should human rts be applied to thugs who r heartles chopping fellow human being into parts like chicken because of money?how about those being kiilled ddnt they have rt to live(life).Let our Laws govern our country,not human rights

    1. iwenso uligulu lokupha ma albino eti kapena ntchito yabale ako ndiyomweyo kapena zikunyansa bwanji ngati azayamba kupha bale wako akayamba kugamula a court.

    2. Then u don’t read the news….
      Those guys caught in Salima. The ones who killed the Ntcheu man.

      What about the one who has just been sentenced to life in prison in Mzuzu?

    3. Promise ndili ndichikhulupiliro kuti kwanu munthu sadaphedwepo komanso kwanu mulibe albino I hope u cld keep quite that commenting zaziiii do u think omwe amaphedwawa they don’t hv right to life?

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