Mozambican war: Malawi faces fuel shortage

The dark days of shortage of fuel might be upon us once again, a captain in the Petroleum industry has disclosed.

According to the source who did not wish to be named, Malawi faces a heavy blow of fuel shortage as the country is said to be running out of stock due to the attacks on trucks in Mozambique.

A week ago, Mozambique rebels blocked a Malawian tanker belonging to Petroleum Importers Limited along with other six trucks before setting them on fire.

Fuel shortages could hit Malawi.

Later, the militants set fire to a Malawian tanker that had 36,000 litres to supply in the fuel pumping stations of the country.

The development has since brought fears of fuel shortage crisis as reports reveal that the country has fuel that will only cater for 21 days.

However, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) acting chief executive officer Elias Hausi has disclosed that authorities are working around the clock to ensure the problem is solved.

Malawi has since set plans to start transporting fuel using routes in Tanzania and Zimbabwe due to the current fighting in Mozambique.

MERA in a statement has said that there will be no fuel shortage.

However the source that spoke to Malawi24 said that it is easier to clear fuel from Mozambique than it is from Tanzania.

“Tanzania has a bureaucratic and difficult style of having to pay for the cost of transferring the fuel via that country,” the source said.




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  3. There have always been proposals kuti tiyese kupanga mafuta mdziko mwathu koma makani ndamene akutiphetsa. Now tell Godfrey Mfiti ndi anzake amene akudya nawo ndalama atiuze zochita. Dziko lanji lomangodalira imports than their own production? Tiyeni nazo

  4. kkkk northern corridor,to where?same tanzania u insulted due to lake malawi as u co it tanzania wont allow u to use its port use ur lake u vomited shit without thinking about tomorrow u meet majeshi ya taifa

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  9. Day sleeping govt, whats wrong with Northern Corridor? During Kamuzu era Mocambique was on War but still no shortage of fuel. Come on leaders with strategies and measure to combat the crisis.

  10. Poor planning, y can’t we use Tanzania ports and RSA via Zambia, and this is not the first time Mozambique has gone to war, and rumours of war has been there since the end of the first war, there shall always be war in Mozambique they shall not know peace because of the discovery of natural gas and minerals.

    1. Our govt is adaylight sleeping all they know is pocketing poor tax money. Amadikila chitsotso chilowe mdiso. Whats wrong with Northern Corridor?, and now they know this year we didnt receive enough rain and there will be more electricity blackout, till now no strategies and measure that have put to combat the blackout still eyeing and dreaming daylight.

    2. Talking bro, we have already started feeling the pinch of low rainfall as far as electricity and water is concerned and this is June, they don’t like to develop the northern corridor on political reasons, okay1 truck got burnt in Mozambique if it was me I could have stopped the usage of this highway.we can get fuel from Tz by road to karonga then our tanker ships and bulges play the game on our waters to chipoka and monkey Bay, anyway this is Malawi, we are busy thinking of the next 2019 general elections.

    3. It’s the same rain we received that Zambia received, but they did it differently, and they want subsidy again this season, no plans for irrigation farming instead they are forcing illovo to grow some corn

  11. Last night the President of Mozambique and Mr Chakhama agreed on ceasefire agrement. With EU, South Africa and the Roman Cathoric church mediating the talks and ceasefire agreement. There is no need to punic……

    1. During kamuzu regime there was few cars,northen region was bush while people in Neno were moving naked,its infomation frm kamuzu banda lol.

    2. I guess those comparing Kamuzu era with today’s Malawi were born from 1990 to date. We had few cars frm Toyota, Mandala motors(Ford) Mitsubishi, Subaru, Benz etc. There were no these prenty second hand cars from Japan.

  12. Zayambika, boma lobera zonse zimakhala zokanika, Kenya yakana kutigulitsa chimanga, now fuel shortage is in the offing. Kaya Mr Ibu boma ndi limenero muisovenge.

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