Man jailed for abducting a boy


A court in Mangochi district has sentenced a man to five years in jail for abducting a five year-old boy, contrary to section 78(1) of Child Care Protection and Justice Act.

During the case hearing, Laston Sabola told the court that on 7th May this year the boy was with his grandmother selling Kachasu at Masaka Trading Centre. Then the suspect, 29 year-old Vweya Kaunda, pretended to be a customer who wanted to buy Kachasu from the woman.

Arrested“When he saw that the grandmother was busy he unlawfully took the child and ran away,” said Prosecutor Sabola.

The grandmother searched for the boy but to no avail. Luckily people joined the grandmother and found the suspect with the boy. When asked, the suspect failed to explain the reason for taking the boy.

But in court Kaunda said he did that under the influence of alcohol.

Passing judgement first grade magistrate Ronald M’bwana slapped Kaunda with five years imprisonment with hard labour saying such cases are common and dangerous nowadays.

Kaunda hails from Chimpamba village, Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi.



  1. Ndizopangana ndi magistrate yo,mwatsoka woba mwana wagwidwa,nde posafuna kumfaka mzakeyo misomali wangompatsa only 5 yrs,oh gosh,koma atakhala wako anabedwayo siugamula life in prisonment with hard labour?

    1. Jaji ameneyo afuvuzidwe,chilang’ocho sichikugwilizana ndimulandu womwe anapalamula muthuyo.Amabungwe lowelelanipo,zakazo zachepa.

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