Malawi to commemorate World Refugee Day amid Refugee iflux from neighbouring Mozambique

Mozambique refugees

Malawi government through the ministry of home affairs and internal security in collaboration with the United Nations (UN) has arranged to commemorate the world Refugee Day.

According to a statement signed by secretary for home affairs and internal security and commissioner for refugees Beston Chisamile, the events will take place on Monday 20th June at Dzaleka and Luwani refugee camps in Dowa and Neno districts respectively.

Mozambique refugees
Mozambican refugees in Malawi.

This year’s World Refugee Day will be commemorated under the local theme “Together for Peace, Tolerance and Prosperity” together with the international campaign “#withRefugees”.

The World Refugee Day was set aside by the international community to remember refugees and others who have been forcibly displaced through persecution and public disorders worldwide.

“It is a day to celebrate their courage and determination in overcoming their challenges,” reads part of the statement.

The commemoration reminds the general public of the plight of refugees in the country.

The event will be spiced by traditional dances, plays, poems, songs, and sporting activities between refugees and Malawian teams.

The civil war in Mozambique has seen an influx of refugees from the country who are being kept at Luwani Refugee Camp.

Malawi keeps harbouring refugees not only from Mozambique but also from Somalia and the DRC among other countries.



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  2. These are really hard times for our neighbours mocambique. May the almighty God save the innocent people who are struggling because of the stupid politicians. By the way, its rather influx not iflux.

  3. Ifenso amalawi ndi marefugees taonani anthu mmene akuthawira kumapita ku South Africa kukafuna mtchito, chikhalirenicho ku South Africako amayenda cheu cheu. Apulesident tipemphereniko ku South Africako kuti amalawinso ndi marefugees kuti mwina angatisamale chonde. R3000.00 tingaiwone kuti yoonetsa pa Beitbrigde dziko la umphawi ngati lino .

  4. Malawians are already Refugees without War so why you say from neighbouring country Mozambique

    I declare Malawi as a Refugees Nation

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