Man gets nine years for raping two children


A court in Ntchisi district has sentenced a 32 year-old man to nine years imprisonment with hard labour for raping two little girls.

The court heard that the rapist, Godfrey Leonard, sexually assaulted the girls – a three year-old and a five year-old – on 12 May 2016 at Dete village in Ntchisi.

The  paedophile pleaded guilty to two counts of defilement contrary to section 138 of the penal code.

CourtIn her ruling, the first grade magistrate Dorothy Kalua said the offence is a serious one hence Leonard deserved a stiff punishment to deter other would be offenders.

Kalua then sentenced the convict to 9 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping the three year-old child and 7 years imprisonment for sexually abusing the five year-old child. She said the sentences will run concurrently.

The convict hails from Ndawala village T/A Chilooko in Ntchisi district.



  1. Aaaaaaaa why 9 years???? Ma judge akumalawi amakhala ngat amadya chamba???? Ena ogwilila mwana mmodzi ati 14 years wina wagwilila ana awili ati 9..chamba chani????

  2. Kodi boma limeneli bwanji? daily tizingomva za utchisi zochokera ku ntchisi…!! mboli zanu guyz ndatopa nanu”,nawenso judge 9 yrz ndikachani uzifunsa nzeru kwa madise ku mzuzu usanapereke chigamulo.

  3. But our country,what kind of laws do we have? A man rapes two young girls and gets only 9 yrs? Is dat encouraging or discouraging?Sometimes I wonder with de way our courts operates in malawi,U’ll c dat a man who steals only k10 000 is given 10 yrs imprisonment with hard labor but when somebody steals k10 000 000 u’ll c dat he’s only given 2 yrs & jst after serving two weeks of his term,we’ll hear dat he is on bail.Anyway,let him go and serve his punishment & if possible,let dem bail him out so dat he can come & rape some more girls.Its a good punishment.

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  5. 41 yrs he will be back still active and ready to rape the second victim. Punish offenders so that they may not repeat those barbaric behaviours. It hurts me.

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