Kenzy Mw in a mixtape project

Kenzy Mw

Malawi’s promising light in hip hop Kenzy Mw will soon provide the nation with a present , a quality packed Chimfana Chonjoya mixtape.

The collection which is still a work in progress has seen the Emcee recording a total of five songs with different production figures.

His finished works have diversity in styles as introduced by artists featured.

Kenzy Mw has among others worked with renowned radio personality cum rapper Mphatso Chikalipo who is popularly identified by his stage name Mr P and the queen of local urban music Ritaa.

Kenzy Mw
Kenzy Mw comes hot with mixtape.

In ensuring quality, the rapper could not hesitate but involve the services of renowned producers that have a good reputation when it comes to making good music.

Percy Propee Manyozo, Vic Chill, Marcus & GD, and Trumel & Big Thangs, represent the cream of local music makers he has worked with.

The 24 year old’ s diligence has paid dividends as there is a thin line between his music and that of Mr P, and Canadian born Drake, the two artists he adores both locally and internationally.

The rapper has revealed to Malawi24 that he will be making visuals for the title track Nkhawa Njee on Sunday.

The song was premiered on Friday on MIJ Radio when the rapper was having an interview with Slessor.

Born Kennedy Chimiko, the Blantyre based rapper started doing music at a tender age when made use of church choir to expose his talent.

As an upcoming artists he is grinding harder, making big names collaborations just to learn on how he can perfect his in born skills from the giants.

The five recorded songs are; Size ya town featuring Black Chamber, Ndizakunyamula featuring Handcuff, Odi apa featuring Mr P and Carter, Nkhawa Njee featuring 2 Skaars, and Usandipase Malire featuring Ritaa, Carter, and Black Chamber.

These songs are available on one of the country’s major music sites,



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