Former BBA rep Natasha up for international award: cast your votes to put Malawi on the map

Natasha Tonthola

The 29- year- old former Big Brother Africa (BBA) representative for Malawi, Natasha Annie Tonthola, has been nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition for her efforts to liberate the girl child in a category that has attracted 107 entries.

She is among candidates with her ‘Project Dignity’ which mainly targets the Malawian girl child.

Tonthola through her non-profit organisation Mama Africa Foundation Trust implemented Project Dignity in 2012 with the aim of keeping the girl child at school by providing them with needed resources.

Natasha Tonthola
Natasha Tonthola visits one of the schools.

With her initiative, Tonthola says her project contributes to the fight against climate change with her own designed washable ladies pants, pads and diapers and in the process will also help to tackle global challenge of waste management.

“By switching to reusable menstrual products we can eliminate a vast amount of waste during a woman’s lifetime. One of my dreams is to make young girls and women menstruate ‘green’,” she said.

She added that through her Project Dignity she has distributed free reusable sanitary pads to Malawian girls across the country to keep them in school.

According to Tonthola, her nomination has boosted her strengths to continue her humanitarian deeds. She however appealed for votes in the competition to keep her dream of reaching 500, 000 marginalized girls a year and 5, 000 000 women a year nationwide with Project Dignity.

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is a worldwide competition which calls young innovators to co- create a peaceful and sustainable world and this year’s winners will be announced at the Entrepreneurship Summit which will be held in Berlin on 9 October.

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  1. By saying let’s put Malawi on the map didn’t mean Malawi isn’t on the Map ,, it means that she will win the award ,,, and MALAWI we be recognised that a humanitarian from Malawi won the award
    U people who are saying apeza last mchere are ignorant, this is just an award not a cash prize. Ufiti basi that’s after 52 years of indipendence we are still behind because of Amfiti national inu…

    Koma , kupha ma albino, kukhwima. .Ufiti. …ndiye zabwino? What wrong is she doing, she is keeping girls in school ,,, what are u doing to make Malawi a better place .u can’t even take care of ur family idiots. ..stupid people..useless people

    After she wins the awards and doors open for her ,, u will remain where ur while she is going places. .

    She has a project she identified 300 marginalised girls which she is supporting across the country , the project is self funded. ..she funding 300 girls to stay in school…..what are u doing for Malawi , and vulnerable people

    God punish u!

  2. ife tikhale omupangira nchere,mukati malawi ikhale pamap ili kuti? iweyo utumizawe ndi agogo ako muvotere khumba yanuyo izikadya bwino.

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