Arrest or even kill us but we will not stop using South African decoders – Malawians dare Multichoice


If they thought the statement in the newspaper with all the flowery and threatening language will move Malawians and eventually deter them from subscribing to DSTV in South Africa, Multichoice Malawi should think again.

Multichoice Malawi

Malawians ready to be arrested

In the week, Multichoice announced through the press that it will go on a hunt to comb out all Malawians who are using South African registered decoders. Multichoice warned in a strong worded statement that it will drag to court any person found providing and using the South African decoders.

However, in a united anger Malawians have rallied against Multichoice Malawi accusing it of being a broad daylight thief and a cheat that cannot tamper with the current system in which people are subscribing to South African services.

Much of the anger was brought out when Malawi24 exclusively published the news that Multichoice was planning to start the hunting of the ‘criminals’.

The post attracted over 450 comments and it is still trending with almost no one coming to side with Multichoice Malawi whom others think have simply lost their mind for failing to cash in on the Euro.

“Am not much conversant with law, under which law will Multichoice Malawi do that? Educate me please. Has Multichoice South Africa complained? What difference does it make buying any South African product to be used in Malawi? Mwasowa zochita eti….,” queried one Malawi24 folower.

“I can’t stop using RSA DSTV registered decoders, they are cheap….imagine a complete set of DSTV IN RSA is going at R799… and Compact bouquet is only R345…Come and arrest me….we are in FTA’s under SADC…you can’t do anything you are just an agent,” another remarked.

It is not known how Multichoice will enforce its orders.

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