MPs should not be paid – Kaliati


Minister of Information and Civic Education who is also a Member of Parliament Patricia Kaliati on Tuesday made a proposal that might impress any austerity-minded Malawian.

Patricia Kaliati

Kaliati: Called for no pay to MPs.

Speaking after opposition MPs led by People’s Party’s Elias Wakuda Kamanga had disrupted the proceedings of Parliament because government was not clear on their loans, Kaliati challenged that Members of Parliament were not worthy of being paid that day. She said on Tuesday.

“We are paid to come here and deliberate on issues, not just to protest. I would like to propose that we do not get paid this day’s allowance,” said the vocal legislator.

Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri

Malingamoyo Phiri; Questions Kaliati’s motive.

The Mulanje West lawmaker argued that the House should have given attention to the debate about the National budget other than arguing about things like loans which only benefit them other than Malawians out there.

She was however cautioned by deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje who said the members had transacted some business for the day.

Commenting on the matter, political analyst Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri said Kaliati’s remarks were just a political ploy meant at scoring some political goals.

“In this regard the minister made a pertinent point. However, there is no doubt in my mind the minister capitalized on the situation to score a political point. The fact is, voters have more say than the voted; voters are watching, come the next election they(MPs) will pay the prize if they continue to put selfishness above service to their constituents; or profitability above professionalism,’’ said Malingamoyo Phiri in an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday.

The MPs continue deliberating on the national budget presented in parliament earlier last month.



  1. Not all Mps has enough money to sustain their life as well as to offer development in their constituency others rely on salaries. so if she is pointing out that Mps should not be paid be she z also one of the member it shows that she has enought, let others alandile coz they are working.

  2. Newspapers, why do you keep on showing the very old photos of some politicians especially Hon. Kaliati? Are you implying that there are no recent photographs of the honourable member? Or what are you portraying? We need some changes and move with time.

  3. such an auspicious topic has been long overdue: thus all holding political portifolios shouldn’t be entittled to salaries. they should be receiving sitting allowances, this effected malawi will neverever witness politically motivated murders and bickerings. malawi can develop beyond recognition. malawians are robbed of their hard earned monies through heavy taxes to feed these otherwise jobless people. Kaliati has been whispered to by God after having heard the weeping and gnashing of teeth by its children.

  4. Mbuzi ya mmayi asamalandile a DPP anzakowo koma anthuwo azilipidwa basi z our money si ndalama za umanako zomwe amalandilazo iyayi wandikwiyisa kwabasi

  5. KKKKKK Koma ma MP akumalawi ndi zitsiru kwambiri.nkhani zake zimenezi m’malawi zimuthandiza chani? mwakhuta misonkho ya amalawi zokamba zambwelera.VIMIMBA NGATI MATUMBA ASOYA

  6. Komatu zomwe ndikumva kwa aphungu athuwa zayamba kundipatsa mafunao, komatu chamba chisanayambe kulimidwa motsata malamulo nanga chikayamba ndiye zitha bwaa?

  7. kuti munthu ankhale mp zake zimapita.amalawi amadyelatu zawo pano akubweza.komabe ngati ndichoncho mipando yandale adzainthawa ngankhale amene akulamulawo.

  8. ntchito amagwira MP ku Malawi sindimaiona & ngakhale office alibe koma mwezi ulionse ndalama mbweee kuposa mphunzitsi kapena dokotala yemwe anakaphunzira ntchito zawo,sakulakwisa pamenepo…

  9. Starting from the president the ministers mps councillors &chiefs they ought not to be paid which govrnment department do they belong where do they attend interviews including advisors alipo ambiri anthuwa amene akusaukitsa dziko la MALAWI.

    • that is imperatively sensible; eveyone holding a political portifolio ought not to be paid at all, instead they should only be entittled to sitting allowances. these indeed the ones impoverishing the nation. why should an employee dictate his/her own remuneration? there should be a protracted debate on this auspicious topic.

  10. kkkķk ndie ngati zitero ndie sidzikhala bwiñotu nanga achaķwera adzapangira chani kampeni ya 2019 poti alibe even ka business kogulitsa kanyeñya komwe ?mfundo imenei isapitilire inu muthetsa nawo chipani chopanda ma well wisher chi cha mcp

  11. mmayiyu ndi mbuzi.pano walemera ndiye uzibweletsa maganizo opepelawo.bwanji sunanene nthawi ija ya muluzi usanayambe kusamba. Pointless.

  12. though this indicates that her purse is now saturated with what she has stolen over two decades, but if expressed in good faith that would allow malawians to usher to parliament only individuals who love their areas and the country as whole. because the current crop of parliamentarins are mere fortune seekers.