Still trending: 15 Somalians die in a container in Zambia


15 suspected Somalians have died in a containerised truck on the pedicle road.
The Truck registered AFB 496 from Kasama was carrying over 50 somalians suspected to be trafficked from Tanzania.


The Truck that was carrying bags of beans in front but had Somalians hidden behind.

Apparently passers by are said to have forced the driver to open the truck when they heard noises coming from the truck.
At the scene., 20km from Levy Mwanawasa Bridge in Chembe, bodies were found strewn on the ground and over 30 survivors narrated that the were transfered from another truck and were picked from Kasama but the new truck had no ventilation which made their colleagues suffocate to death.

The driver is detained by Police on the Congo side.

Cases of human trafficking are on the rise with sophisticated rings involved.-Lusaka Voice



  1. Mutu wa nkhani ukuti 15 Somalians bra bra bra…..and in the paragraph you say suspected, oh thought you have confirmed they are Somalians

  2. They are too mobile these chaps…moving always. Hiding anywhere!!!

  3. Ereeeeee! Anthuwa amazionera kuti afike Ku theba …mmmmmm ….no wonder they always treat their fellow Africans like trash…more especially those working in the shops.
    Anyway…that said….otisiyawotu awuse mu mtendere. Its sad though, the way that picture has been displayed on the net.

    AFRICA.,..where is our humanity?

  4. We blame the western but we have to blame ourselves coz someone wth asomali pasport from africa cnt travel to his fellow africa contry while all european countries have one entry visa free stupid africans lets open up our borders 4 ourselves

    1. Well said brother! more than thirty years now brother Nester Marley sang (They say what we know is just what they tell us, and we are so ignorant that anytime they can reach us). (When you got to have some food, your brother has to be your enemy?) Yet we still don’t listen to the messages in these songs of freedom!!!

  5. its not well developed find out bout economy ya dziko lawo then u wl correct yo comment……its Bad Hard and @ the very same time its Sad RIP gents mulungu atonthonze kwa ma banja ofeledwawo

  6. African leaders should find amicable solution for these problems no man is an Island. How do u expect someone to have valid documents when entering in another african country, those people are not at peace at all in their countries.

  7. Kulowa chisilamu koma akuthawa dziko lillawo, nkhondo mudziko lolani kuti asilamu achuluke muona mtetendere wathuwu uzatha Somalia is well developed koma zipembezo zikutsautsa anthu ache, somalias are educated and they are good in business but anasakha chipepembezo choipa mukhalibe, Rest in piece my brother’s

      1. You need to educate yourself brother, I’m no christian nor muslim nor do I have any beliefs that will alter my feelings towards other human beings but i want you to know that I’m well aware of atrocities done by religious groups. Christians have murdered people from the medieval era to date. Religion is a driver that makes people kill people. Christians used to burn people on the stake in the name of religion just as muslims bomb people in the name of religion. Wake wake!

    1. achimwene inu a Hanock ndinu opusa. kapena kuti ozele zeka mumaganizo muwelengenso nkhaniyo ndiye muone ngati olembayo wayikapo chipembezo chilichonse

    2. Hanock! don’t take things for granted,if you don’t comprehend what to express its better to zip up your mouth rather than forcing matters coz matters ‘ll force you.Did you heard that the somalians have been attacked by Moslems??

    3. Ardeen Bonamalli Dyton! You are idiosyncratic man I have no doubt that those people are on run, I know how evil minded Moslims and who are to you to silence me? You are murderers you kill and rape kaya ndiufiti ndibook lakoro ayise kalape

    4. He probably couldn’t understood the English that is explained above! If u are ignorant don’t coment atoll coz you heard it wrong. The news says; 15 somalis died in a container, not Muslims killed somalis in a container what so ever. You are dome stupid Hanock Victa Lister

    5. Omar Masson, alshababi is your fellow moslim. They for their lives unfortunately they did not make it. You as a moslim what have you done to clear your religious. Akuthawa aslam nomwenu anthu oyipa

  8. God created man in his image but man today has departed from being the image of God.How can a human being be treated like goods as such?

  9. Zinatheka bwanji kupezeka mmenemo amati kwawo ndikolemera nakha ndege zinali kuti pathawiyo ulemera amakumana ndimavuto ngati amenewa?

  10. I can see this picture, but is this how you can treat a human remains? sorry my fellow Africans let’s respect our humanity am not judging but this picture NO!

  11. Lord have mercy.ithink the issue of what the au said it could be mulch helper than these,you know what! these african pipo were hiding in that container for vissa problem passport ploblem,who never know?

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