We are still afraid – albinos

Boniface Massa

The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) says people with albinism in the country are still living in fear as there are no signs that attacks against the minority group will come to an end soon.

This was said in Mangochi on Friday during a major awareness campaign on protecting people with albinism that was organized by Eastern region police.

Boniface Massa
The APAM says the situation is still worrisome.

Speaking at the campaign, APAM Vice Chairperson Emmie Chiumia said it is now more disturbing that despite increased awareness more people are being attacked.

“Our own countrymen have turned against us, looking at us like wild animals that even a brother or a father is no longer trustworthy,” Chiumia said.

In his remarks, Commissioner of Police for the Eastern region Effie Kaitano, assured people with albinism of total protection.

Kaitano who led the awareness campaign added that there is no longer time to waste hence they organised the event which was marked by a peaceful march, dances, drama and speeches.

Kaitano named Machinga district as the worst in eastern region with more cases coming from the district but was quick to say that the police will do anything to end this evil act.

“Police will meet traditional authorities from this region to strategies on how we can work together to curb this malpractice,” she said.

The awareness campaign was attended by hundreds of people from Mangochi, Zomba, Balaka and Machinga including Members of Parliament, District Commissioners and Councillors.



  1. Anthuwa ali ndibungwe lomwe limawaimilira,koma ine chikundidabwisa,kuyambira pomwe Winiko anayamba kupempha boma kuti lizipha munthu opha albino palibe chomwe bungwe la maalbino linayankhukapo in support of Winiko.Mpakana pano Winiko waopseza kuti avula koma nalo bungwe lawoli lili zii.Atsogoleri abungwe laoli are not supportive bcoz they don’t put much pressure to the gvt.Ife anthu ambiri tayankhula mokweza ndipo wamva koma bungwe laoli ndilopusa kwambiri chifukwa likanapempha chithandizo cha ndalama zokwanira kuti lisonkhanitse anthuwa akhale malo amodzi mpakana mchitidweu utatha.

  2. Our gvmt is behind this Mal-practice during #KAMUZU time it was happen bt nw they’ve come Wors than B4’if ican remember in my Early dayz people say #ALBINO never die they just dissapear ndipo timauzidwa kuti suzaona Manda aNaphweri’So this bzns is hot now,Lets leave #WINIKO to march Naked maybe will help 2abolish this Barbaric System

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