‘Discrimination against albinos by Malawi Govt fueling attacks’

Deprose Muchena,

Amnesty International has urged the Malawi government to break stigma walls arguing that they are leading to more attacks on people with albinism in the country.

Amnesty International’s Regional Director for Southern Africa Deprose Muchena said Malawi needs to tackle the root causes of discrimination that has seen 18 innocent citizens being slaughtered like chickens.

Deprose Muchena,
Deprose Muchena, says discrimination must end.

“Recognition by the Malawian authorities at the highest level that people with albinism not only experience daily discrimination but also live in constant fear of attacks is an important step in addressing the problem,” said Deprose Muchena.

“Malawian police need more resources and must conduct thorough and effective investigations to bring the abductions and killings to an end. Visible policing in rural areas coupled with an effective public education campaigns can contribute significantly in arresting the problem.”

Speaking in Kasungu during prayers held for God’s mercy over the attacks grounds on Sunday, President of the Albinism Association of Malawi Boniface Masa said Malawians need to stop stigma to ensure the malpractice dies a natural death.

Masa also pleaded with Malawians to work together on the matter. Last week, Amnesty International presented the organization’s latest report on Malawi to the President, Arthur Peter Mutharika and other officials including Inspector General of the Police.

The report said Malawi need to review its policies and establish the root causes of the crimes against people with albinism.

The government of Malawi has since welcomed Amnesty International’s recommendations to ensure safety for the vulnerable group in the country.



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