Muslims to receive food during Ramadan

Muslims Malawi

Less fortunate Muslims in Malawi will benefit from the holy month of Ramadan as they will receive food, Malawi24 has learnt

Islamic Aid Organization in South Africa has started distributing food packages to less fortunate Muslims who are fasting in Malawi and other parts of the world.

Muslims Malawi
To benefit. (Library)

The organization’s regional director in South Africa Hassan Choonara told the media on Saturday that his organization has done this so that Muslims should have enough to eat during the holy month of Ramadan.

“We have distributed thousands of uncooked food packages in Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa.’’ Choonara said

He said his organization is also providing cooked food for Iftar, the evening meal that breaks the fast, and the suhoor pre-dawn meals eaten before the daily fast begins.

“We expect to feed over 3 million Muslims by the end of this Ramadan. We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that less fortunate Muslims observe their fast without thinking about where they will get their next meal,” Choonara said.

Malawi is one of the Southern African countries that are grappling with a severe drought that has led to high food prices due to low production.

The organization has included Malawi in this holy month of Ramadan because many Muslims in the country have been affected by the food shortage.



  1. mmmm koma panyasa pano tikuchupika nanga ntchitoyo ndiyizi zomwe mpaka pa air

  2. Jesus was only prayin to almighty God and ate nothing.Thats why he said,’a man cannot live on bread only but with a word of God.

  3. Only Jesus Christ fasted not muslims.Jesus Christ did not eat anything for 30days thats why he was very hungry in his last day of fast.Muslims used to eat in the morning and evening, is that fasting?.Remember,when you eat food in the morning,its gonna stay in your stormack until 12 oc,lock.Meaning that,you start fasting from 1 oc,lock up to 5 oc,lock which is 5hrs,is that fasting?.Is that sacrifice?.When we say sacrifice,it means you must not be afriad of death.That means you guyz are afriad of death thats why you eat in the morning and evening that means you are not sacrificing.Remember! Whatever cheating you are doing in the name of almighty God, you shall severe be punished by almighty God.Becareful !!!!!,you are playing with fire.

  4. Think b4 u comment. Ubwino wa Slam amakkonda nzake ngat mmene amazkondera iye mwini. Nde inu Makafili musapezerepo mwai omanyoza aslam nde zikuvutani.

    1. mmmmm no Mr sanud! nkhani isakhale yomuopseza munthu akapereka comment,ndibwino mungomuwunikila kusiyana nkumanena kuti zimuvuta! chifukwa Malawi even the world itself has people of different beliefs,thoughts as well as norms,so let’s be Malawians as we are known to be the Warm Heart of Africa!

  5. Not all muslims ndipo mukanena kuti kunyenga 1 ufunse mai ako kuti ubadwe anagonana ndi wachisilamu becareful when u making comment

  6. Nanga akayenda m’mipanda ya amwenye ndikupasidwa zina ndi zina,Silva njara amenewa? Chiliconsedi chiri ndiubwino wake

  7. Masha’Allah 3 million Muslim. That’s 20% of Malawi. This is just those you will feed. There should be another 2-3 milion Masha’Allah that are out there. So it’s true Muslims are anywhere from 35-to 50 % in Malawi and growing like the world over.

  8. Jesus said to him, “None of you will ever believe unless you see miracles and wonders.” then the scripture says 16 For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.

  9. Jazaakumullah likhair,really this is what Islam teaches us to do. As we are the Readers,lets teach others that we’ve to give to other not just recieving each and every prea is to urge u {South African Organisation} to continue reaching other Districts,ameen thumma ameen

  10. kkkkk awa zolandira ndie kudya kwawo sadziwa mitenģo yaziñthu mmashop ngati kuli aĺesi ndie nďi asilamu sadziwa kuģwira ñtchito koma kunyenga ndi 1

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  12. What is making sense on this? Does that mean that muslims can fail fasting if not donated food? Muslims believes in only one God who provides a person with anything. Even if not donated with anything he can Fast in the name of that Almighty One. Palibenso zoti mukanawasiya akhaule, “Ukhaule ndiwe”

    1. pray ramadhan shld be 3tmes per year nanga ndi ntchito yanu yogulitsa mu shop ,kauunjika,utelala nkovuta kupedza miyendo yambuzi

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