Canada declares sex with animals legal


The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that sex with animals will now be considered legal in the North American nation.

The highest court in Canada made the ruling after a man convicted of forcing his stepdaughters to have sex with a dog appealed his conviction on the basis that his conduct was not illegal.

CourtThe ruling means that any sex act Canadians perform with animals will be considered legal in the country as long as it does not involve penetration. The court’s judges said Canadian laws consider penetration as an essential element of the offence of bestiality.

But a judge who opposed the ruling said penetration is physically impossible with most animals hence requiring for penetration to take place in order to charge people with the offence of bestiality would eliminate from censure the most sexually exploitative conduct with animals.

Meanwhile, animal rights groups in North American country have urged the Canadian Parliament to pass tougher protection laws in order to send the message that all forms of sexual activity between a person and an animal are unacceptable.



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  5. Bcoz its still ilegal t doesnt mn that it z not happening here in malawi…, the issue z the world z just trying 2bring it into oppen

  6. the way i have understood the case, penetrative sex with animals remain illegal. only other forms of sex have been accepted. However, some judges may extend this law and accommodate even penetrative sex. This is how the law develops through Court decisions.

  7. There is a law against this kind of behaviour. It is called bestiality. Though parliament is the arm of government that make laws, Courts also make laws in the process of interpreting the law; this is called case law. Mostly, this is done by the high court and the supreme Court of Appeal. what it entails is that whenever there’s a case of such a nature (bestiality), this decision is the precedent, it is binding on the lower courts, it has to be followed as it is the decision from the Supreme Court. Lawyers from countries with a similar judicial system like that of Canada may persuade the court to follow this decision by citing this case. suffice to say, bestiality remains ILLEGAL in Malawi. However, considering the pace at which things are changing one day tivina chinkhoswe cha munthu ndi mbuzi or bakha lululululu, yemweyo!

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  11. But God does not condone such kind of activity to sleep with animals but Iam not surprise to see Canada to legalise this, as you recall now and then white ladies confessing to have slept with dogs and other animals.

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