Canada declares sex with animals legal


The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that sex with animals will now be considered legal in the North American nation.

The highest court in Canada made the ruling after a man convicted of forcing his stepdaughters to have sex with a dog appealed his conviction on the basis that his conduct was not illegal.

CourtThe ruling means that any sex act Canadians perform with animals will be considered legal in the country as long as it does not involve penetration. The court’s judges said Canadian laws consider penetration as an essential element of the offence of bestiality.

But a judge who opposed the ruling said penetration is physically impossible with most animals hence requiring for penetration to take place in order to charge people with the offence of bestiality would eliminate from censure the most sexually exploitative conduct with animals.

Meanwhile, animal rights groups in North American country have urged the Canadian Parliament to pass tougher protection laws in order to send the message that all forms of sexual activity between a person and an animal are unacceptable.

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