Video: Prostitute stuck with man who dies during sex

Video Prostitute stuck with man who dies during sex

Unbelievable! A video is making rounds on Facebook of a sex worker who got stuck with client who died while making love. The woman had to be removed by doctors through an operation.

Video Prostitute stuck with man who dies during sex
Being wheeled by paramedics with sex worker stuck to a dead body

The short video that was first shared on the Chinese website Miaopai shows the sex worker and her deceased client being wheeled away on a stretcher by paramedics for surgery.

The video, captured by some neighbours, shows the woman still lying on top of the man.

According to Media reports, the couple experienced what is called penis captivus which occurs when muscles lining the vagina clamp down on the penis more firmly than usual, making it impossible to withdraw the penis from the vagina.

Similar cases have been reported in Malawi, with people accrediting it to magic. Ohh what a life story to tell your grandchildren!! Watch the video below:




  1. Awkward story which only won’t to display pics & statements of sexual immorality & bring out arousal among people.

  2. Testimony by Anonymous From Lilongwe : ” I’m a 36 year old woman staying in Area 18 in Lilongwe. As a result of joblessness and hard times, I decided to go into prostitution. At some point, I needed to attract more men and I decided to seek the service of a witch doctor to help me with something that will make men addicted to me and pay more than usual for my services. The witch doctor took money from me and I also gave him my body. He also demanded to be sleeping with me once a month and I agreed. He gave me something to insert in my private part and as I did that, every man that slept with me kept coming back. At a point, I was charging not less that 50,000 a night. I was making so much money that I bought two cars and a house. Business was good and i was ruining marriages and Homes in the process. Some popular MPs used to visit me often and I charged them more . Some used to pay me as much as 200,000 for a weekend. Early last year, I tested positive for HIV and I felt like my life was over. I was also tired of giving my body to the witch doctor monthly. It was like i was in bondage.. The money didn’t matter anymore, neither did the everything. I decided not to travel to Salima to see the witch doctor anymore as I needed a change in my life. The witch doctor got angry and told me I was going to die Within a month. As I was going through my facebook pages, I came across Pastor Zoe’s email address . I needed help desperately and decided to send him an email. He responded in about 2 days and asked me to call him. I did as he instructed. I told him all my problems. He scolded me for ruining homes and getting involved with the devil. At the end, he asked me for fast for 7 days and call him every evening for prayers. One the 7th day, as we were praying over the phone, something came out if my private part. It was the same thing I had inserted ages ago that was given by the witch doctor. I was instructed to burn it , which I did. .Then he asked me to go and say hello to the witch doctor. I was wondering why he said that as I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. But Pastor persisted. As I got to the man in Salima, he told me to stay away from him and he didn’t want to help me anymore. He said he was being tormented spiritually and whatever I was doing to him, I should please stop. A week later, I heard he closed his practice. Right now, I’m born again. Both cars are not working anymore and I sold them as scrap. I’ve fallen on though tines again but God is taking care of me in His own way. I’m now attending church and I’m happy in The Lord The HIV is still there and Pastor said the healing process had began and I receive it by faith. I just hope to meet Pastor Zoe one day. ”
    When Satan gives you a bicycle, he takes a limousine from you. Sexual intercourse outside the context of marriage is popular, and at the same time, it’s a popular destroyer of destiny as curses are exchanged in the process. You become one with the person you mate and exchange curses as a result. Read 1Corinthians 3:16. I’m happy for Miss Anonymous and we give glory to God for her life. Her testimony has touched me greatly and people like her end up becoming mighty vessels in God’s hands.
    Don’t forget to join me in Blantyre on the 18th of June . God bless you.

    1. You also dont blame pipo.we want interesting. Imfomative and educative story not old one like this.ngati mwatopa just leave osalemba pana mupeze new stories

  3. Malawi24, You are feeding us with obsolete stories. That story is more than a year old. We need current news.

    1. Ndiye utafufuz waona kuti ndi Malawi 24 yokha imalemba nkhani zakale kapena zabodza? Kapena mwangofuna kutidziwitsa kuti munagwilako ntchito?

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