Muslims told to repent


The country’s Muslims who on Tuesday, June 7, joined their fellow Muslims across the world in fasting the holy month of Ramadan have been advised to repent or perish in hell.

Muslims: told to repent

Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) public relations officer, Sheikh Dinaar Chabulika said all the Muslims in the country should use this year’s holy month of Ramadan as their time for repentance.

Chabulika said people around the world are in the last days and there is need to repent considering that death has rocked the world.

“Our message to all the Muslims community in this country is that they have to regard this month of Ramadan as their last month of Ramadan in their life hence need to repent. Meaning they should utilize it because they don’t know what will happen next.

“Look at what is happening with today’s life, you find somebody today, he comes out of his house, he goes to the office but on his way he is involved in an accident and he dies. So life is just very short,” advised Chabulika.

He added that in this month of Ramadan, Muslims should also pray for the challenges the country is facing including the killing of people with albinism.

He said the challenges being faced right now are not by the conduct of someone but they are from God who want to strengthen us hence the need for continuous prayers to get rid of the challenges being experienced.



  1. boko halam ija muti nayo bwanji? nayonso ilape coz ndi inu anthu amodzi kukhulupiriranso zofanana mwapha anthu ochuluka dziko lapansi osalakwa ndi olakwa omwe kuphulitsa zinthu kuombera ana akuru osalakwa! yesu akubweranso posachedwa akupezani choncho.

  2. if muslims must repent then they must turn to Jesus, bcoz they r blind n r being led by blind pple,

    if a blind person is led by a blind person they all Will go into the drain!

    repent! a gud call but don’t b false profets!

  3. nkhani zamulungu ndizovuta chofunika kungovesela ndikumwela madzi ndikuluphilila kuti Aliyese ndi mbuli pa kupephela ndipo palibe olo ndimonzi yemwe angakuuze zoona kuposa mulungu

  4. Alapa chiani poti amati ukakhala msilamu basi ulibe chimo ukalowa jannah, iwo amaweruza akhristu ndi ayuda kuti kwao ndi ku moto. Kani iwoso amachimwa?

  5. Wallah, u ll neva eva find. true religion on earth except islam. wallah am telling u the truth my respective brothers and sisters around the world.U ll understand when u ll die.

  6. Muslims told to repent ngati ndi’wo okha ali ochimwa ; malembe a mitu ya nkhani ngati amenewo amatha kubweretsa mikangano ; malinga nkuti sukulu zikudula pakali pano

    1. What du knw about Islamic….. questions you Christian is that religion or name of human being

      If iz religion show me vers that is talking about Christian is a truth religion of God

  7. Koma mchristu sazatheka ndi mbili ndikutitu mbuli koma akanangoti type to recieve miracles eeeeeeee mukanaona macoment million mulandila bwanji miracle musanapemphe mbuli inu

  8. Y christians u like useless urguments, ifetu tikaona mapost anu ajawa [email protected]…Amen to recieve miracle something, Type…big I recieve to become this and that, we always skip bcoz we knw that is none of our business. Let’s hold our faith, let’s stop Judging one another…….

    1. Amwene ine si muslim koma mukunena apazi nzoonadi,chongofunika apa nkupewana osamazitengela choona azatiuza mwini wake basi sibwinodi kumaweluzana.

  9. Asalamu aleikumu.Enanu simuziwa chimene muyankhula kulikoti munamphunzirapo mbiri ya chisilamu sibwezi mukutero enanu.mulungu akukhulukileni popeza simuziwa.

  10. When they repent whom shall for give them because they deniy Jesus ? & Jesus is the only way to heavyn ,there is on shall be saved without him .

  11. that sounds good repenting their sins i think thats we r going to enter in his kingdom..not every day tok abt miracle money…everyday blessings are coming to u akuti jst type amen in jesus name zolapa anthu anaiwala….keep it up muslim…all de best during this..ishalla

  12. I am a muslim and I know who I am. I don’t look at Islam by comparing with political and personal conflicts in other countries. I believe in what Islam teaches and not insults that are aimed at it. I’m a Muslim and I thank God for that while praying to live and die a Muslim. No regrets!

  13. useless arguments..all are equal under the eyes of virtue of being muslim or christian does not make one holly or otherwise.judging is his.jxt hold your faith strongly

    1. much as u believe that but its good to exercise caution.a strong relationship with jesus will take us to heaven but not by the mere fact that we are christians.muslims,hindus& other religions have their own believes,lets nat judge them by that.who knws u might be heading to hell?a christian is a sinner so is a muslim.if u dont engage in indulgances,bribery,fornication,adultery& many other sins then u are safe but dont think that u will be saved coz u are a christian.if u happen to think like that,then jxt knw that salvation is a tall order

  14. There’s no muslims in malawi .Real muslims are Boko haram , Isis , Alshaabab ,Talibans Alqaeda and many other islamic terrorists .

    1. Blessings i dont follow that religion of piss . It really pisses me off .Even you yourself you’re not a muslim . If you can go to arabic countries , your head will be decapitated just for that name “Blessings”

    1. You shall know the truth, the way and the Life and possibly you will be set free.
      Jesus and our God are One!..
      Otherwise salvation is not by compulsory and believing in Jesus is not a must as u would deem it…
      He came into this world and you yourself are not the first to reject Him…There were people well qualified and mastered the laws and claimed they believe God of Abraham n Moses but look, they had ears but couldn’t hear! Had eyes but couldn’t see! They hardened their hearts based on their laws of which they didn’t understand at all….
      Our Jesus has got roots since the establishment of the universe, born from the real pure heart of God Himself. ..
      Born not per human desire but descended from the throne of Glory! !

    2. Andre muli kutali ndi mabuku a Mulungu. Takafusani oziwa akakuphuzitseni, Jesun is ason of Mary and born in a Miracle way. While God is aliving almighty doesn’t have mother or father even created. Tabwerani ku inbox muphuzitsidwe mungamwalire muli osadziwa.

    3. Kkkkkkkkkkk…. You don’t even know that Jesus born from Mary!..
      I don’t think your conclusion is right at all…otherwise I cannot learn from a learner about the truth!..
      I have my faith and regardless of how much you would want to teach me via inbox but you knw the truth. ..

      1. Yesu ndiye Mulungu. 1Timothy 3:16. Imati Mulungu anaonekera ku thupi. Anaonekera ku thupi ndani nanga? Si Yesu nanga. Isaiah 9:6 imati “6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. ” Aslamu ngati sakhulupirira kuti Yesu ndiye Mulungu, adzaponyedwa mung’anjo yamoto.

    4. What for? Though I can give you but you can’t believe. ..why ?
      Because you are not yet governed by the Holy Discernment! !
      You follow physical logics and you fail to accept the truth. .
      JOHN 1:1-5 (
      JOHN 1:9-10
      JOHN 10: 30
      JOHN 10:33-34
      JOHN 14:6-11…
      READ IF U CAN….


    5. In the Quoran there are only five places that talk about mohamad but there are 25 places talking about Jesus Christ.The same quoran talks more about Mary and has a name of chapter called mariam.It says she was upright,she never committed any sin.About Jesus quoran says He did so many wonderful things and He died and rose and He will come again.About mohamad it says he(mohamad died and never rose and he wont come again.The same qouran says Jesus Christ is the word of God,the Spirit of God and He is Jesus Christ.It further says “if you don’t believe in this book (quoran)go and read the BIBLE because the truth is revealed in it

    6. @ #Patricia these people know the truth but they choose to despise it with the lies they are taught since young.
      It’s good that their book explains about Jesus Christ, the living Son of God , yemwe tonsefe including iwo plus Muhammad( Peace and blessings be upon him) ” we are waiting upon His return to judge yense monga mwa ntchito zake….
      They know for sure but their hearts are hardened …

  15. Muslims never ever! cause they believe in bombing malls, stadiums, schools and hijacking plains , ships etc so repent! hahaha just enjoy your fasting but not repent. I can join Rasters but not Muslim.

    1. Don’t Generalise issues. Bro u are free to be associated with any other religion.But is not good to insult or judge other religions because you don’t belong to that particular religion

    2. The truth hurts the most u see if u are man and woman of God u can’t get angry and say those words God forgive you too.

    3. Hareb Islam was born after Christianity and Islam was like a political movement that’s why there is hajj. the oldest organised religion is Judaism but the oldest of all was zoroastianism started by a special child Zoroast in the middle east empires! for argument sake!

  16. Wangodana ndi chisilamu iweyo anagwidwa ku Eyapot aia ndi asilamu kapena obama ndi msilam nanga bush waphetsa anthu ambilinbili ku ilak kapena sukuziwa

  17. Inu ndi a khristu chifukwa choti mmene munkabadwa munapeza makolo anu ali akhristu chimodzimodzinso ife ndife asiramu chifukwa tinapezanso makolo athu ali asiramu choncho mukamakamba nkhani za mipingo izi muziganiza.

    1. Why should we receive Jesus,what so. Special with Jesus(Issah)bcoz we Muslims respect all the prophets from Abraham, Moses, David, Joshua, Mathew Muhamad ect we don’t differencient them onse anali atumiki a mulungu

  18. kkkkk repent u mean Muslims? never asiye utelala nkhondo chigololo akazi 10, 10, ufiti mkati no repent awa ndi nkhuni basi

    1. And you should also know that Jesus Christ died and resurrected and until now he lives.Jesus and God are one so their is no difference btwn God and Jesus.Jesus is the son of God. Where is Mohammed?????????????????????!!!!

    2. So till now udont no that God Is only one and jesus is you are telling us that he is same as God umust be insane somewhere

    3. So if Jesus is the Messiah to God then accept him at Ali Wa A Kazembe!! Coz all l know is that Mohammed did not ressurect and eaten by dogs .my Messiah lives forever. Why do you follow a dead messenger Muslims??? And why do you proclaim about fasting ?? Fasting is a secret thing btwn you and God .not even the whole world knowing it.yo should also not make a sad face or even tell your friends about it.ohh yes may be you serve a different god.

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