Burglar jailed for seven years


The Ntchisi first grade magistrate court has sentenced a 42 year-old man to seven years imprisonment with hard labour for burglary.

The court heard that the convict Rodrick Lester on the night of 21 March 2016 at Malomo Trading Centre in the district broke into the house of Esnart Chikhokho with intent to steal.

CourtThe convict pleaded guilty to the charge of burglary which is contrary to section 309 of the penal code.

Passing judgement, first grade magistrate Dorothy Kalua said the offence is a serious one so the convict deserved a stiff punishment.

Kalua then slapped Lester with seven years imprisonment with hard labour to deter would be offenders.

Lester hails from Jamulesi village in the area T/A Chilooko in Ntchisi district.



  1. 3 yrs 4 a cashgate 7 yrs barglar kkkkkk very ashamful 4 the judges Malawi where is the justice 3 yrs coz they something while dis one not nonsense

  2. Kma Malawi posachedwaso mphunzitsi wina wapasidwa miyez 18 kma uyu zaka milandu yolowerana yokhayokha kma chilango mkusiyana mumatengera maonekedwe eti?

  3. Someone stealing billions of kwacha 5years imprisonment but someone for burglary 7 years. Its true that if the Father in the house is a Coward the children also are the same. Since the President is stupid so civil servants are the same.

  4. Seven years tailandira ndimunthudi osowetsa ntendere ameneyo,kma mbava izi muti za cashgatezi ma 3yrs mukuwatenga kt?mukukolezera umbava ndiinu ma judge

  5. ntchito kulibe ku malawi thats why malawi ikuvutika ndi nkhan zotero dziko la malawi lipeze zochita kwa achinyamata

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