Witchdoctor poisons family in Mangochi, kills one


As the Malawi society is awaiting enforcement of the ban on witchdoctors, one has just claimed a life in Mangochi and has seen a whole family admitted.

One member of a family in Mangochi has died after taking herbs that were administered by a herbalist.

African-medicineAccording to Eastern Region Police Public Relations Officer Autilia Kumanga, the goat of one family in Mangochi went missing and a yet to be identified herbalist assured the family that he will bring back the goat after perfoming some magic.

“The herbalist administered herbal medicine to Mr Ronold Lifa, 45, his wife Patuma Mkwanda, 38, son Afana Ronold,14, and the other son Duncan Ronold, 12, from Salenje Village, TA Chowe in Mangochi,” said Kumanga.

Kumanga proceeded by saying that after preparing and administering the medicine to the family, they started vomiting and the herbalist left the place pretending to buy airtime at a nearby shop.

Well-wishers took the victims to Mangochi District Hospital where One victim Duncan Ronold died while receiving treatment.

The mother Patuma Mkwanda was treated as an out-patient while the father Ronold Lifa and son Afana Ronold are recovering.

Postmortem revealed that the death was caused by poisoning.

Meanwhile, investigations are underway to trace the herbalist.



  1. …this one is a witchdoctor which is very different from herbalists who are there providing local herbal remedies to those in need, when they need it.

  2. zimene zachitika apa ndichisazo choti asing’anga ndiachabe ndipo ndioyipa ,tifunika tinthamangile kwa Mulungu yenkhayo ndiyo yankho.

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