Support causes against diabetes – Malawians told

Timothy Ntambalika
Timothy Ntambalika
Ntambalika says fight against diabetes requires concerted efforts.

The Diabetes Association of Malawi (DAM) has called on Malawians to spread the message about diabetes in a bid to reduce the complications that come along with the disease as well as combat it.

The sentiments were made by DAM President Timothy Sarge Ntambalika during a symposium at Mount Soche on Wednesday evening.

In its continued efforts to educate, conduct public awareness campaigns and sensitize the general public of Malawi about dangers of Diabetes and how it affects people, DAM came up with the Campaign which sees people who are contributing towards the same course receiving miniature stickers that recognize them as champions.

Cross section of patrons at the event
Cross section of patrons at the event

Ntambalika told Malawi24 in an interview after the event that there is a need for every person to take the issue of diabetes home so that its complications and seriousness is reduced.

‘’We want this idea to reach every Malawian. The issue is we want every person to spread the message about diabetes and we believe that this will work as we have received so much support thus far,’’ said Ntambalika.

DAM has since disclosed that at the moment, the corporate world has come in to help towards various causes the organization is in.

‘’Well, we are glad that various organizations are coming to help us. You may wish to know that we are also working with the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), the Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) and so many others; and the latest one’s Service Touch Company’’ said he.

On his part, DAM’s trustee, Thom Mpinganjira retaliated the need for every Malawian to take part in the fight against diabetes and urged people to join hands with DAM without evening looking at the benefits.

‘’Sometimes in life you have to work towards helping others. There could be no benefits by joining DAM in form of monetary rewards, but there is a whole lot more to saving lives,’’ said Mpinganira who was named Champion of diabetes in Malawi.

Thom Mpinganjira
Mpinganjira calls for support.

He further implored Malawians of goodwill and institutions to join in the fight against diabetes.

During the symposium which brought together medical workers, extension workers, representative of the corporate world, the academia and religious leaders several companies made key donations to DAM. Intermed donated MK500,000 towards purchase of equipment while Thofu Investment donated equipment worthy K9 million.

MM African Technology donated HemoCue Glucose 201RT- (12 machines) which are used for checking blood glucose.

There were also presentations on diabetes.


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