Likoma to cease being an island

Likoma Island

It is not going to only have a new face but will most likely cease being a body of land surrounded entirely by water.

Malawi’s largest island in the northern region is to have a an international airport as there are plans to upgrade the Likoma Island Airport into an international facility.

According to Airport Development Limited (ADL), a company which is also the overseer of Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe, they will renovate Likoma Island Airport and turn it into an international facility.

Likoma Island
Likoma Island gets its own airport.

The larger of two inhabited Islands in Lake Malawi will receive the development following the public sector reforms being championed by the public sector reforms commission, which has approved ADL to be managing the Likoma Island Airport.

Speaking with the media, Airport Development Limited chief executive officer Rodrick Chataika said the Parastatal Board has sanctioned the funds for the work.

“So far, we have done some maintenance works, markings and we have even purchased a genset so that there is constant power,” Chataika said.

In his words, the director of tourism in the ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism Isaac Katopola said turning Likoma Island Airport into an international airport will help boost the tourism sector.

Likoma Island has no paved roads with very few motor vehicles and its electricity is provided by generators.

The waters around Likoma Island are mostly appreciated for snorkeling and diving.



  1. NONSENSE!.. Stupidness..
    Government has failed to have one decent Airport in the country but now they are talking about
    building an international Airport in Likoma.. FOR WHAT?.. There are no roads on the tiny ugly
    Island just as there are NO roads in the entire country.. There are no decent hotels on the island
    only one that is considered good by Malawians and would not be considered nothing anywhere
    else in the world but in undeveloped Malawi..

    MALAWI AND MALAWIANS.. Wake Up!… You are sleeping!

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