Speaker does a George Chaponda

Richard Msowoya

…caught napping on camera

Maybe our leaders spend sleepless nights just coming up with fresh ideas of how to bail out Malawi from the woes its under now, and Malawi Parliament Speaker Richard Msowoya has also not been spared in the fun of sleeping at public and important meetings.

Richard Msowoya
Richard Msowoya spares himself a descent sleep.

The speaker met the wrath of the camera in a live coverage of the commemorations of World Environmental Day which also marked the launch of 2016 climate change week at Bingu International Conference Centre on Tuesday.

He was seen trying to lean his head against his left palm and he was miles away in the dream land.

This was when several speakers at the even including Minister of natural resources, energy and mining addressed the patrons. President Peter Mutharika was also present at the event.

Some weeks ago, Leader of the House in Parliament George Chaponda, People Party’s acting leader Uladi Mussa and other were caught on camera sleeping in Malawi-something which has received condemnation.



  1. Others you may wonder but i raised a point that this is nature and can not be controlled though in the presence of physical noise. many of you mocked when chaponda did this on first time but sometimes we have to reason enough before contributing ideas.

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