Mi Casa lead singer lost dad while in Malawi

J something

Mi casa’s J Something lost his father during the group’s Malawi tour that saw him lead the band at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe last weekend.

The South African house group which consists of three members; Mo-T, Dr Duda, and J Something left patrons crying for more in Malawi having put up a mesmerising performance. The group’s bright experience of the warm heart of Africa was short-lived due to the death of its lead singer’s father.

J something
J Something lost his dad when he was in Malawi.

Carlos Fonseca died in his country of origin, Portugal, when his son was on a tour in Malawi. J Something whose real name is Joao Da Fonseca, has returned to his country of origin to give his last respect to his father.

“Two days ago whilst on a tour he passed away, the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. People close to me understand what am feeling,” wrote the singer on his Facebook page yesterday.

The artist has not revealed what caused his father’s death. He said he felt the most important thing to inform the fans is what he did having been informed about the sad news.

“What I wanted to share with you is the reality of what we do. After he passed on I had to jump on stage, smile, dance, sing. Next day same thing. My choice. In a way doing what I love helped me deal with it.”

The award winning house family has ever since getting into the limelight released a number of hits. Their list of great sounds includes heaven sent, and Jika Mabebie. The division of roles in the group is as follows; Mo-T is the trumpeter, Dr Duda is the producer and Pianist, whereas J Something is the singer and guitarist.



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