Poly student unveils software for city bins

Samson Fiadoh

Despite millions of Kwacha being spent on keeping the country’s public places clean, the work has proved to yield nothing due to failure of authorities to collect garbage once the bins are full.

For instance, in Blantyre city bins are seen holding garbage over their capacity.

Worse still people opt to dump waste near the bins due to delay by city council to collect garbage.

Samson Fiadoh
Samson Fiadoh shows the bins.

To ease the problem, a fourth year Polytechnic student studying Business Information Systems Samson Fiadoh has invented a software to help in garbage collection.

“We have had this problem for a long time, we see that the city bins are full but they haven’t been emptied and people start to mess around the place.

“According to what I found is that the city authorities do not know that some bins are full and need to be emptied that is why I have invented this software, EasyBin to help in keeping public places clean,” said Fiadoh.

He added that the software will help in letting authorities know when they are to come and collect garbage in public places.

“This software is capable of letting authorities know that a bin is full and needs to be emptied, what is needed is to monitor and take note of the levels of garbage in the bins through a computer,” added Fiadoh.

EasyBin software gives information about all bins connected to the system on when they are to fill to the capacity and alerting authorities by notifying them on the level of garbage in bins.

The invention has been seen to be a complement of Beautify Malawi Trust that work towards keeping Malawi clean through stopping of public wastes disposal.



  1. Criticism always follows a bold a great gesture, well done Mr. Poly Student. Ultimately, the key and underlying issue is always money and in particular the lack thereof or more likely the misappropriation thereof. Is there anybody here who can develop software to curb financial pilferage?

    I am also keen to know, how does the Bin System work? Are ethernet ports and cables connected to a central device somewhere? Pls do share more knowledge and insights.

  2. Give respect where it is due…….guys i owe u one…..let them knw and put aa big sound alarm that will be changing or adding the volume as it is not attended to they will not eat the money….the sound that covers the whole city

  3. Ngati mwakwanitsa izi panganinso ina mukaike ku capital hill .Kuti ikateteze misonkho yathu kut kuba kucepe.

  4. Possibly that will mean nothing coz u can’t make a tree die by removing its leaves.Infact you cut its roots so that it is completely done.I understand the software tackles with notifying,but what if capital is not provide? Nothing !.

  5. I thought the city councils fail to collect rubbish because of financial constraints, or rather because of financial misallocation and mismanagement. Even if they are told by phone that bins are full in such an area, they will tell you, ‘the rubbish collection vehicle is broken down, there’s no fuel etc.’

    The EasyBin software from Poly sounds great indeed. However, it would be more important to have software that solves the root causes of financial mismanagement and misallocations. So Poly guys, can you please develop something better than Capital Hill’s IFMIS for your Blantyre City Council.

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