Police arrest thieves who stole from Pakistan national


Malawi police in Ntchisi district have arrested two men for breaking into a shop belonging to a Pakistani and stealing items worth millions.

crime (2)According to Ntchisi Public Relations Officer Sergeant Gladson M’bumpha, the two have been identified as Yohane Banda aged 21 and Aubrey Kamkupe aged 22.

“The two on Monday broke into a shop of a Pakistan national Mohsin Raza and stole items amounting to K2 million,” said M’bumpha.

He added that police have managed to recover some of the items which include two DVD Players, 40 adaptors, 8 Itel phones and two memory cards.

According to M’bumpha, police are still investigating and the two suspects will appear before court soon to answer charges of breaking into a building and commiting a felony therein.

Banda hails from Kachulu village whilst Kamkupe hails from Maliketi village both from T/A Kalumo in Ntchisi district.



  1. Koma abale maChina ndi amwenye sioyenera kumapanga ma business mmaboma,koma apite mmizinda ya Blantyre,LL ndi Mz.Kuti ife eni nthaka tizikapikula kwaiwo ndikumakagulisa mmaboma ndi matrading centre.Ndinjira imodzi yomwe ingathandize kutitukula pa chuma ife eni nthaka.Koma boma lathu siliganiza motere.

  2. I wonder Malawian police are very good when it comes to arrest local thieves but not state criminals who are making local ones to be engaged in such activities due to there corruption ideas.

  3. Ndinaziwa ine malawi police pandalama siimasewera ayi, koma okupha albino amavuta kuti apezeke idont knw y??which means they trained to protect money not pple sichoncho??shame on greedy police!!

  4. Poti panakali pano anakali mmanjamwa mapulisa.Asungeni choncho mpaka aprophet awapemperele kuti asandulike.akhale saulo.
    Adzanenere momveka bwino kuti,shabobobo sabakata labababa……………

  5. becoz the shops belong to foreigner but if it was of malawian the police could do nothing . bwezi akumangoti tikufufuza mpaka nkhani kuthera momo

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