MEC vehicles to be sold if govt fails to settle debt

MEC vehicles

The Judiciary says it will put again on auction six vehicles impounded from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) if government does not pay the electoral body’s debt.

MEC owes Transworld Radio, Platinum solutions and Universal trading money amounting to 90 million Kwacha.

MEC vehicles
MEC vehicles on auction.

On Friday last week, the six vehicles belonging to MEC were not auctioned off as the Judiciary was told that government will pay the debt for MEC.

Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula said they are confident that government will sort out the debt.

“We called off the auctioning of the vehicles belonging to MEC on Friday because we received communication from government through the attorney general that government will pay the debt,” said Mvula.

He said the court is optimistic that government will pay the debt.

Mvula added that if government will not pay back the money the judiciary will be forced to put the vehicles on auction again.



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