Miracle rain! Could this be another Prophet Mboro?

Togo Miracle Waterfall
Togo Miracle Waterfall
The ‘waterfall’

Miracle waterfall!! A huge pouring of water from heaven yesterday is said to have left residents of Kpalime, a town of Togo, in awe.

The enormous gush of liquid came out like a waterfall and it instantly created a deep well that absorbed the water.

A video that is doing rounds on Facebook show the amazing sight, which surely made onlookers look to the sky and wonder what else it has in store for us.

“A wonder in the land of Togo, West Africa. The heavens poured down rain like waterfall and the earth opened its mouth to absorb the water at the same time” posted Francis Boafo who shared the footage, drawing a mixed reaction from those who commented.

Malawi24 could not independently verify the authenticity of the video with video and photo-editing software commonly used by self-acclaimed prophets to create an illusion.

To watch the full video, click here.



  1. Ma prophet onama amenewo, mumalo molalikila uthenga akumapikisana kuonesa zozizwitsa ,chofunika ndikuuza anthu asiye machimo osati zozizwitsa

  2. That is just a fountain. You can clearly see the upward jet of the water rising up in the middle of the downpour.

    Can some one tell us how it started and how it ended!

  3. Koma guys ma prophet amasiku ano full of kunamiza anthu, eishii zinazi kusonyeza umbuli komanso usavejii wama so-called claimed real prophet.zankutuuuuuuuu

  4. Chauta mumuyesa ngt ulandizana naye chipanda chamowa sichoncho! Be careful

  5. chi2nzi cha edition ngat chimenechoo, aaaaaah

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