Musician Rex prepares another package for his fans


Television personality Rex Chalenga who earlier this month announced his comeback to the music industry with a song titled Sleepless Nights that premiered in Ghana has revealed that he will release two songs at the end of this week.

Rex Chalenga

Rex Chalenga resurfaces with new projects.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, the musician revealed the two songs to be What’s Real and Rolling.

Rex said in What’s Real he talks about giving hope to the hopeless.

“What’s real is a song that reflects on the different troubles in life and coming to terms with oneself about what to accept and live with it. It conveys struggle, hopelessness and anger but with a strong resolution in putting God as a weapon when its war with the insecurities of the world,” reveals Rex.

However, the Sleepless Nights hit maker described his second release of 5 June as a song called Rolling which he said celebrates his musical journey

“Rolling is a mellow calm and pleasant to listen to. I put in more wordplay for hip-hop lovers,’ he added.

Both songs have been recorded at Amoja studios in Blantyre. Rex’s double release will premiere on Timveni radio, Ufulu FM, and Radio 2 FM on 5 June.
Later the songs will be available music websites.



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