House servant arrested for raping six year-old girl


Police in Dedza district have arrested a house servant after he raped his boss’ six year-old child.

Dedza police deputy publicist Cassim Manda identified the servant as Akim Sitifano who was working for a businesswoman in the district.

Manda said on Thursday the woman went to her business as usual leaving her daughter and the house servant at home.

When she came back the little girl told the woman that the house servant had raped her.

Cassim Manda

Cassim Manda confirmed the arrest.

The mother reported the matter to Mtakataka police post who later arrested the suspect. A medical examination confirmed that the child had been raped.

Meanwhile police deputy publicist in the district Const Cassim Manda has warned rapists that they will go to prison because of their barbaric acts.

“Am very poignant with the augmentation of defilement cases, but as police we endeavour to sensitise people through community policing meetings.

“Let me compliment the courts for the sentences they are passing to perpetrators. In Malawi any girl under age of 16 whether with consent or her own intention or without it, is not allowed to have sexual intercourse, consequently, let me warn you, having sexual intercourse with such kind of people is prohibited under laws of Malawi, if you continue, just know that, you prepare yourself to sing 371 song in prison, while serving your 15 years jail sentence,” said Manda.

Akim Sitifano hails from Tembetembe village in the area of Traditional Authority Kachindamoto in Dedza and he will soon appear in court to answer the charge of defilement which is contrary to section 138 sub section 1 of the penal code.



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  7. Ladies pliz let’s be serious for once!! can someone employ a male servant to be taking care of a girl child and u expect everything to be fine..zinazi nzopeweka azimai pliz… let’s not put our children in danger zadala ngati izi..Antchito aakazi kunalibe?

  8. “In Malawi any girl under age of 16 whether with consent or her own intention or without it, is not allowed to have sexual intercourse … ”

    Yup! That is true according to the Penal Code. However, the Constitution says that the minimum age for marriage is 15 (with parental consent). That means the husband cannot legally… you know … until his bride is 16.