‘Government has no printers’


Commotion was short lived in parliament today when the 1.2 trillion kwacha 2016/17 proposed budget books were not yet printed at the start of the deliberations.

Malawi Parliament Peter MutharikaThe legislators had to start deliberating on the budget which Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe presented on Friday.

But to their surprise, the books were not ready by 14:00 hour when the lawmakers were due to start their scrutiny on the budget, which the opposition claims is no reflecting the current economic stand of the nation.

The parliamentary committee responsible for the provision of the books had not done the good job by the time the August House resumed.

Parliamentary Finance Committee Chairperson Ryhno Chiphiko says the development was unwelcome and said the papers should have been made ready before the meeting started.

The opposition members were heard murmuring against delay and making fun of government saying it is broke.

It was after a whole lot of waiting that the papers were handed over to the parliamentarians but it was a little late already.

The legislators are slated to continue deliberating on the budget on Tuesday.

Among other things the budget reveals that the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is expected to collect K748 billion for the 2016/17 budget something which is a blow to Malawians who are living on a economy which is sailing through troubled waters already.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development got the largest share  of MK198.5 billion kwacha.

While The Ministry of Education comes second and will get  MK147.6 billion and the  Ministry of Health is third and has been allocated MK95.8 billion kwacha.



  1. Guys you have failed dismally,why don’t you just put your tails under your legs and kindly hand back Nyasaland to the people who ran it with efficiency…The British……You truly an embarrassment to Malawian citizen

  2. about printer is petty issue don’t link this to APM how can u insult President for the petty issue under msowoya as speaker these people are buying porsh cars can’t they buy printer for their office?

    • Umbuli kusaziwa how cn msowoya buy printer for gvt office man be matured 53yrs since indepedent still you dont know how gvt works shame

    • Umbuli kusaziwa how cn msowoya buy printer for gvt office man be matured 53yrs since indepedent still you dont know how gvt works shame

  3. 1.2trillion kwacha? hahahahahaaahahah dead end…such huge amount of money but still will be no medicines in gvt hosptls.. shame

  4. My friend learn to understand that some disgranted individuals are using every opportunity to disgrace gvt. Wht do u mean gvt has no printers? Is parliament gvt print?. Parliament is headed by Speaker msowoya with clerk of parliament… When China was handing over that building to malawi gvt it was fully furnished with computers and printers. Now its the responsibility of parliament to maintain and procure tonner. Furthermore, whenever mps are meeting parliament is allocated resources to cater for the same. Do u mean Boma lakwanitsa kupereka ma allowance mkulephera kugula tonner???????. Msowoya and his stupid fellows are responsible for this. The fact that we hv seen the coming in of Donors intermz of budgetary support those who thought malawi will collups alemba mmadzi. All because ayesesa kuwauza azungu kuti asatithandize komano ena mwa azunguwo akudziwa kuti enawo ndi dzitsiru hence 19+% budget support. Therefore to embarass Goodal Gondwe these idiots at parliament opted to delay printing of the copies for the Budget and ofcourse delay delibaration. Ndi opusa yekha amene angakondwe ndi nkhaniyi chifukwa the more delays are made in passing the budget the more allowances these 3legged animals continue to draw @ the expense of poor malawians. Shame!!!!!!

  5. Each and every MP has a laptop ,why hardcopy? This is 2016, we need environmental friendly nation ….preserve trees let’s all use soft copies.

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