MCP demands a ‘Malawian budget’

Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has asked minister of finance Goodall Gondwe to go to Parliament and present a budget that reflects the current situation of the country.

Reacting after Gondwe presented 2016/17 budget on Friday, MCP spokesperson on Finance Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi said Malawi needs a budget that can help in developing the country.

Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi
Kusamba Dzonzi claims the proposed budget is not ‘Malawian’.

“What we were told was that IMF and government had these talks about this sector and we agreed to have this allocation, meaning it is the IMF that was preparing the budget not our government, I think we need to have a budget that reflect the status of the country,” said Dzonzi.

Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) has since faulted the budget for having a 15 percent pay hike to junior civil servants arguing that the workers will still fail to buy basic needs.

The workers body added that the increment is a mockery to government workers considering the sharp depreciation of the local currency against foreign currencies.

MCTU Secretary General Pontius Kalichero vowed to press government to improve civil servants’ welfare through offering of better salaries.

The K1.2 trillion Malawi Kwacha budget is expected to hike salaries of junior civil servants and slash money allocated to farm inputs subsidies.



  1. I see most fools who support the so called blue party are commenting negatively because most of them are like cows who eat n shit the same place not knowing what they’re doing, how can we pay K940 billion out of K1.2 trillion where the hell on earth have u heard this ? This old man Goodall Gondwe is a crook with his master they just want to rob us their budget didn’t even touched most crucial areas like health , education, food security and the country’s security but will see savages clapping hands

  2. Izi sizopangila kt wina awine koma tikoze dziko lathu inde mavuto sakutha amangopunguka tisamati muthu waswa ndimoto mkumutsilaso mazi yotetha ayi muziwa ndatathauza

  3. Muzipemphera anthu inu kuti mudziwe nyengo tiliino mwina simukuona kuti nthawi yatha dzikhulupilirani munthu m’malo mwa mlengi ana anjoka inu

  4. Guys we dont want politising the budget, the statement has been given but the comments your are giving are useless, Guys what type of budget do you want? and where do you think you will stop criticising the Govornment? Your task is to kill time and have all those allowances on behalf of the poor, thus the budget take it or leave it, if you are really a Malawian you get to understand the state of being that Malawi is.

  5. Ma Civil Servants musatinyanse apa. You r getting paid by our PAYE so u dnt expect the Government to increase the PAYE for u to receive 50% Salary increment. Things r not moving in ths country there4 the 15% tht u hav bin given is just more than enough. Don’t u dare indulge in any strike or else u wil regret. Boma silimaluza.

  6. It was the same stupid MCP which was talking nonsense that the DPP Government z failing to appease the IMF & other donors coz of following bad policies. Now the Government is in the right track and the IMF has given a node, now u talking the opposite? No wonder u wil remain in the opposition until Jesus come. U cannot expect the Government to come up with the Budget that suits it’s local revenue base, yet there is a need of development in various areas of the country. If the Government ignores development, it’s the same MCP that wil start pointing fingers. Plz learn that we are no longer sourcing the revenue fro selling MCP membership cards, or from church tithe as Chakwera thinks. Running Government is a serious buznes, mukafunse a Chair.

    1. Siugwila ntchito mbuli iwe, siukudziwa akuthandauza chani, unava molakwika budget iyi ovutika ndi AMalawi kudulidwa msonkho, ofika 50% misonkho, mkumasekela? usamaphatikiza ndale ndi comment, mbuzi yamunthu ufuse abambo ako. akuuze komwe akuchokela galu

  7. Ena just commenting popeza free data yalora kut mutero .simukudziwa kut budget imeneyi itiliza ndi misonkho ?azanga adpp tisaonetse umbuli apa tili pachiongolero

  8. Apatu nkhani tawerenga tamva tikamanena budget ya malawi tikutanthauza chiyani?budget yo yapangidwa ministry ina iliyonse ilandira ndalama zake zitengera mmene mistry igwiritsire ndalama zake a mcp palibe chanzeru chimene anganene fukwa iwo ali ndimkwiyo ndi boma kt linawabera mavoti,bale wanga wa mctu dziwa izi kukwera kwazinthu sikwa civil servant yekha ndikwamalawi wina aliyense,zikungotengera kt munthu ukugwirako company yako imaganizira anthu ake bwanji?ndiye pachuma chawo aboma awona kt imeneyo ndiimene akwanitse pakadali pano,musapangitse mpungwepunge dziko muno chifukwa munayamba kabungwe kanuko kt mudzikolola anthu,mind you the salary for civil servants comes from our poor pockets the tax we are paying nafenso zimatiwawa tikamadulidwa ndalama zambirmbiri,ife timakhetsera thukuta ndalamazo dzuwa lonse,pamene ma civil servants ambiri timawaona amakangosewra bawo kudikira nthawi yoweruka,kupita kuntchito ma 9,10,pamene anzawofe ikamati 7 tafika kale,olo mukwiye ndanena ndanena zimandiwawa.

  9. Thats why our country is poor coz majority are stupids ,kumangoombela mmanja zirizonse,boma likuti likagula chimanga kunja ,bwanji osalima tokha ku mangochi or ku lower shire ,anthu ndikupezako ntchito ,wake up my nation


  11. Kkkkk,ma comments zikuoneka ambilife tikungolankhula za mbali yathu osaganiza zomwe munthu akuthandauza, tazivesesani, vuto ambilinu simugwila ntchito kuwawa komwe kudze kamba ka budget iyi sikukukhuzani thandauzani bwino musananyoze Chakwela

  12. Dzipani zosutsa zikayamba ku thandiza boma zizasitha musamatinamize nanu otsutsa ngati pali chomwe mungapange kumangolalamuka za zii wa UDF unalamulira zinakukanika MCP za inu sitiyiwala komaso palibe angaiwale PP mwina mufuna ma pumpers kukuvotelani ndikutaya thawi

  13. z dat not for malawians? the budget is being done according to international monetary fund policies And that is good for malawi of we want our malawi economy to grow. remember its the same McP which was critising the government when the economy was offtrack so jst leave them coz they are there jst to critisize anything. goodal is doing his best to cum up with a such budget for we all malawians.

  14. Am Part Of Opposition Statement,The Budget Of 2016-2017 Is Thin, According To Government Promises To The Poor About Increment Of Tax

  15. MCP leaders & MPs=morons. Their wooden head-like boxes are full of worms instead of brain!

  16. Comment after reading & undrstand it.I think enanu munalephera kungopanga scroll pankhaniyi.When MCP says Malawian budget akutanthauza kut ikhale yofanana ndi momwe iwe ndi ine tikupezera ndalama.Budget simatengera kut uyu ndi wa DPP kapena MCP.Aliyense amaikapo ndalama kudzera misonkho yomwe timapereka ku boma.Ndiye ngati boma lapanga budget posayang’ana malipiro a Malawi,mitengo ya zinthu zofunika tsiku ndi tsiku,maphunziro,umoyo ndi zina zambri,zimatha kunzuzitsa anthu ambri ndipo opindula amakhala ochepa.Choncho MCP ikunena kuti,ndibwino budget ikanakhala less than the given amount popeza mmalawi muno muli kale mavuto ambrimbiri omwe boma likulephera kuchitapo kanthu.Siine mneneri wa MCP,koma ndafuna ndingokuuzaniko mwachidule.Ali ndi mafunso afunse ndimuyankha.Zikomo.

    1. problem mbale wanga ndiyoti even anthu ophunzira ku Malawi are yet to the difference btwn development and party politics, btwn politics of development and party politics that’s why ministers kneel down to the president kkkkkkk

    2. You ar absolutely ryt bro.If we can be able undrstnd kuti pamayenera kusiyana pakat pa nkhan zachitukuko ndi ndale,I think bwez tikupindula pa chuma ngati dziko.

    3. I have much understood what the MCP is demanding and I don’t think that they are stupid in doing so…
      Previously we have been told , several Times about the so called Pro-poor budget koma ndi angati omwe ali osauka omwe apindura nazo??
      Let’s put ndale aside ndipo we should go deeper nkuona kuti why the MCP is demanding reformation of the budget!

    4. The reasons ar very true actually.We shld be saved frm being punishd with taxes while our wages are even low than taxes.

    5. If Malawi can have ten ppl like u we can b sum where.Lets put zinazi aside and start thinking of Malawi not dpp nor mcp.Honestly speaking misonkho ikuwawa koma zomangodya awo ndi awo basi.

    6. I tell yu with this kind of budget,we shld not expect any change in economy for Malawi becoz we wil be expriencin high cost of living since companies wil increase prices especialy the basic needs since MRA wil be punishin these companies with tax in order to meet the target given to them by the government.Iwe ndi ine nkumangokukuta mano bas.

  17. kkkk zikanganani palibe amene ndkumuona kut akupanga za mzeru apa budget yomweyo ena apindura nayo ndpo ena sapindura nayo. enawo akufuna atchukire pa budget yomwey kkkkk amphawife palibe chomwe chkutikuzapo apa tiyeni tizingogwira magobo kwina tikumupembeza jahovva

  18. I heard Gondwe saying ” according to IMF progressions'” then I was wondering kuti si zija za “azungu akuti” zija izi?? Kkkkkkk

  19. Haha you didnt even hear what Gondwe said when he was presenting his stupid budget in parliament. Gondwe is the right person to answer your question.

  20. Mulibe zamaphunziro ndi umoyo ndi zothetsa unemployment mmenemu mbuzi inu,chonsecho misonkho anthu akhoma moti sizinachitikepo pa Malawi pano.

  21. I support you guys,15% for juniors is indeed a mockery to them considering the prices of commodities.MCP has atleast spoken sense here, BRAVO!

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