Man dies after falling from bridge


A man has died after falling from a bridge that is over Malanga River in Blantyre, Police say.

Blantyre police spokesperson Elizabeth Divala identified the deceased as Sosten Kamtembe and said he was coming from a drinking joint when he fell into the river from the bridge.

According to Divala, the deceased’s mother Ade Blazio reported to Soche Police that the man was missing when she noticed that he did not return home.

policeLater the police received reports about a man floating on Malanga River.

“When we went to the place after some people found the body floating in Malanga River under the bridge, the deceased’s relations claimed the body to be of Kamtembe,” said Divala.

Postmortem result from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) revealed that the deceased died due to suffocation.

Divala further brushed aside social media reports that the person who was found dead was an albino.

“We are appealing to Malawians to be certain about the stories and rumours they’re spreading to the public, lets preserve the dignity of the albinos and let’s protect them for they are humans like everyone else,” added Divala.

Kamtembe hailed from Malunga village, Traditional Authority (TA) Somba in Blantyre city.



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