Teenage mother netted for deserting child


A 17 year-old girl who earns a living through prostitution is in police custody at Kasungu Police Station for abandoning a one year-old child.

Police say the suspect, identified as Mtisunge Matuta, during the month of January this year left her one year-old child with a maid who lives in Mbeta village near Kasungu Township.

PoliceMatuta however did not inform her maid where she was going. After seeing that the suspect had taken months without showing up, the maid took the child to St Andrews Orphanage at Mthunthama which is under the Anglican Church before reporting the matter to Kasungu Police.

A check and arrest message was sent to all stations to apprehend the suspect and she was netted in Lilongwe during the night of May 21, 2016 at one of the rest houses at Chigwiri.

Matuta will appear before court to answer the charge of Child Desertion which is contrary to Section 164 of the Penal Code when investigations are completed.

The offence attracts a maximum sentence of 7 years imprisonment with hard labour.

The suspect hails from Kacheta village under Traditional Authority Njombwa in Kasungu district.



  1. Here we r talking of one full year child to be abandoned,reason prostution,Let her learn a lesson if it can be learned here.But to the look of things,this girl is a spoilt herself,let’s preach to these remained virgins,like the preacher at the funeral service,the message goes to the remained ones not to the one who gathers all the multitude listens the GoodNews,girls,”Pagwa nzako iwe umalambalalapo,”school is the only key to YOUR future happiness,this thing that the 17th year old girl did is a result of pear pressure,”akunong’oneza bondo”ali ndi makutu amve.

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