Congolese refugees arrested in Malawi


Mwanza police in conjunction with the department of immigration have arrested nine Congolese nationals who escaped from Dzaleka camp.

Mwanza police spokesperson Edwin Kaunda said they rounded up the refugees after being tipped off by well-wishers.

According to Kaunda, the Congolese immigrants were hiding in a bush in a Malawian village close to Zobue border.

Police“The police officers patrolled the area around 8 o’clock in the evening and found these people hiding,” he explained.

Kaunda said the immigrants initially claimed that they were looking for a camp but they later admitted that they are from Dzaleka camp.

The police suspect that the refugees were planning to settle in the village.

Meanwhile spokesperson for immigration department at Mwanza, Pasqually Zulu, has commended the police for working hand in hand with them in controlling illegal immigrants in the country.

He also thanked the general public for their role in providing information about illegal immigrants’ settlement.



  1. Omar Nason your coment is long,where did u grew up your life,you know that those they r long pple.police continue your work

  2. Mwachita bwino anthu ngati amenewo kuthawira ku malawi kosauka .Bwanji osamathawira ngati kuno ku S A chifukwa dziko ino ndiyolemera.Amakhala ndicholinga amabisa mfuti kui azikabera nayo anthu mamidz ndiye mwachita bwino kuwamanga.

    • Taasiyeni anzanu akhaye mumtendere iwo akuthawa nkhondo kwao. Simunaionepo nkhondo kuwawa kwake.Anthu aku Mozambique bwanji simuabweza?Mwaiwala abale anu aja a ku Joni akaapha inuyo mmati kuJoni kuli nkhaza.Dziko lapasi ndilawo asiyeni akhale

  3. Illegal immigrants? Let them free coz they are searching for a better life same as our fellow Malawians who lives in other countries. Africa unites ✊

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