Man arrested for threatening to sell child with albinism


A 37 year-old man has been arrested in Dedza district for threatening to sell a boy with albinism.

Raphael Meketoni

Raphael Meketoni arrested.

Confirming the arrest, Dedza police deputy publicist Cassim Manda identified the suspect as Raphael Meketoni of Silota village in the area of traditional Kachere in Dedza.

According to Manda, the suspect bought a bicycle in 2012 and since then it has been used by his brother Tseketsani Meketoni and his sister Odeta Meketoni. But after sometime, Tseketsani sold the bicycle to an unknown person without his brother’s knowledge.

On several occasions, Raphael has been asking his brother and sister to return the bicycle.

Last week, the suspect went to his sister’s house Odeta who has two children with albinism and asked her to take back the bicycle from the buyer.

Raphael told his sister that he would not leave without his bicycle unless she surrender one of her children to him.

Cassim Manda

Cassim Manda confirmed the arrest.

Raphael threatened to sell the child in order to buy a new bicycle.

Shocked by the remarks, his sister reported the matter to Tete police unit who later arrested the suspect.

Meanwhile Dedza police deputy publicist Cassim Manda has warned Malawians against the habit of using obscene language that can bring fear among people living with albinism.

“Whether it is your cousin or not but if you are uttering the words that bring some questions, such person would be locked up and taken to court for intimidation charge,” said Manda.

Raphael will appear before court soon to answer intimidation charge contrary to section 88 sub section (1) paragraph (a) of penal code.

Dedza police is currently recorded three cases concerning albinos and two of these cases are about intimidation.

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