Five year-old girl raped when parents were away


Police in Ntchisi district have arrested a 16 year-old boy for raping a 5 year-old child.

Public Relations Officer for Ntchisi police, Sergeant Gladson M’bumpha identified the suspect as Thokozania Makinale.

“The incident took place on 23 May 2016 at Mankhudzu village after the girl’s parents went to the garden,” said M’bumpha.

crime (2)He added that when the girl was left alone the suspect who was doing some piecework in the village told the victim to follow him and when she did, he raped her.

A woman who was passing by the place was the one who found the suspect raping the girl and she later informed the girl’s parents.

According to M’bumpha, the boy was taken by villagers for questioning while an elderly woman checked the victim’s private parts and found semen.

The matter was reported to police and the law enforcers arrested Makinale who told them that he did not know he was committing a crime.

A medical examination at Malomo health centre confirmed that the child was indeed raped and the rapist was then charged with the offence of defilement.

Makinale hails from Makhudzu village T/A Chilooko in Ntchisi district and he will appear before court soon.



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