Mutharika urged to trim number of aides

Uladi Mussa

People’s Party (PP) acting President Uladi Mussa has urged President Peter Mutharika to reduce the number of his advisors.

Mussa was speaking in Parliament on Monday after he was given a chance to comment on Mutharika’s State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Mutharika has over 16 advisors who cost taxpayers K307 million annually.

But Mussa said the country needs to reduce “unnecessary” officials as one way of cutting government spending.

Uladi Mussa
Mussa (L) says Mutharika (R) needs to reduce aides.

“We wonder for example whether it is necessary to have Presidential advisors as many as the size of the cabinet, Mr speaker Sir, over 15, over 15 Mr Speaker and I don’t want to mention their names, who are advising one person and the person being advised seemed to behave as if he has not tasted advice,” said Mussa.

Mussa further criticised Mutharika for telling Malawians to “persevere” while his government officials are “sucking” the public purse.

“We find it funny that the President through his speech is telling Malawians to persevere, how much is he sacrificing for the cause?” wondered Mussa.

After he attained the office of the President in 2014, Mutharika was criticised for having many advisors who are on government payroll but the Malawi leader has never trimmed the number.



  1. We have too many Cocks than Hens in our chicken kraal and yet we are expecting more eggs!
    16 advisors for a single person only raises the question about such person faculties,, ability.
    Abale football team yanji ya ma coach 9 ma player awiri? No wonder timatumiza ma athelets awiri n ma official 30 kunja kuli kutengera zimenezi!
    We currently have a cabinet of 36 that’s including these 2nd deputy ministers disguised as advisors.
    PAM you are a failure big time.

  2. That’s agud Idea father Uladi. He may need pple like u. Who got sharp brain with fundamental skills. What z he waiting for

    1. are u serious with yo father Uladi as u put it?isn’t it him who is demanding the president to step down?same person is advising the president to trim his aide apresident amve ziti atule pansi or achepetse owathandizira are you sure that yo father Uladi is ok?kkkk be serious guys.

  3. do wat ever u want to do.. we dont care we have our on issue’s osatiuza ife za m’boma zitipindulira chani? tisiyeni tidzidya migawayi kumudzi kuno kuboma zibani makobili Voetsek!!!

  4. Thats true mr president,trim them please,why waiting someone from outside to tell what to do,are you not seeing how malawians are suffering,what kind ofadvise from all these pipo mr president if i were you i should trim quickly to avoid tarnishing my image,but am not you kkkkkk.

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